was the straight attentionisto with the big tail pumping a fox full of slow backstroke?

now i’m not fonting the following is true but eeehhh…
we have to normalize not being shocked about certain things on social media.
from the years i’ve been fonting in the foxhole,
nothing really shocks me anymore.
even the muscular wolves that i thought were wolves but ended up being foxes.

Shock value deactivated.

so the following video is making its rounds on twitter,
but i’ll let the foxhole decide.
so the following video allegedly features an attentionisto with some really big cake.
he loves to charge extra to see him do sexual shit on onlyfans.
it’s kinda why his onlyfans have bombed within the forests.
allegedly was giving the business to another male,
although he claims “straight“.
it’s the tatts that have people allegedly confirming…

was that a thick beard at one point?

i mean,
that is his signature ( x slow backstroke special | or here ).
everyone has those tatts on their side so it could seriously be anyone.

i mean,
seriously tho:

Are we really shocked if it turns out to be said attentionisto?

i’m more shocked you’d be.

12 thoughts on “was the straight attentionisto with the big tail pumping a fox full of slow backstroke?

  1. It’s him. He also wears his hair in those braids all the time. I figured he was was smashing dudes and women at the same time. He maintains that straight facade to get the women’s coins, but when he let Malik Joseph eat him out on camera, the truth was right there for everyone to see!

  2. Its either him or Flashman Wade. They both have the same type of Tat on the side. The difference being is the writing and the spacing. These tats are more of Lamont’s than Flashman. Now here is where some people may not know but allegedly Flashman is a bottom and he doesn’t top. There is nobody that has been topped by Flashman. Flashman was on Rhyheim Shabazz Onlyfans but he only got naked. There was no sex filmed. Lamont has been trying to prove he has stroke since his first video leaked. Lamont may have a high pitched voice but who said that was him moaning. You dont have to moan in a high pitch voice even if u do have one. The way this person ass curves, curves just like Lamont’s and you can’t have the same physique because everybody body is different. Flashman ass is bigger than Lamont. So between the two of them, I say its Lamont. Not to mention if anybody slept with somebody with dreads, you know the dreads will be on their shoulder if they were in that position. Lamont doesn’t have dreads.

  3. Prolly not even fucking Prolly grinding for a fee

    I’m not convinced it’s even a man on the bottom cuz near the end I heard a high pitched moan that sounded feminine

  4. It’s him. But i can’t confirm the gender of the recipient. He does just enough to keep gay males interested and spending money. It’s about the cash. That’s it. He shows just enough and keeps it ambiguous to entice those in the fantasy that he may be just out of reach but close enough that it could happen.

    Either way, I’m sure in those private sessions that he offers, there are many things that happen that he keeps quiet.

    1. ^ ^ ^ “That Part” …. He keeps just enough mystery to keep dem Gay Coins coming !!!!!

  5. You guys are blind if you can not tell that, that IS lamont johnson the red flower tatt under the underarm.
    Lamont voice is high pitched so voice moaning deeply is another male.

  6. How can it be him? I thought people said he had bad stroke? Also, we don’t know the gender of the person being penetrated.

  7. I vote that it is him!

    The Tatts, Body type , Complexion etc. I think he purposely limited what we saw to keep up his ….”will he or won’t he” ……persona( shit… its hard getting inside the head of these dudes to understand why they do what they do )

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