How the heck are ya?

i know we have a lot to catch up on,
but let’s start with i’ve missed everyone and all that cutesy mushy stuff.

let’s get into what i did last week

from my last entry,
you know i had an injury in my neck/shoulder,
as well as busting my entire chin open to the white meat.
i spent the entire week trying to recuperate in bed.
the crazy part is that my bed can be my safe space and couldn’t find comfort there.
there were nights i was up all night in pain.
every time i tried to find a position to sleep in,
it didn’t last very long.
my chin was healing even though it was very tender to touch.
luckily i found expired ibuprofen 800mg from a past issue that i never took.
they were only expired for a year,
but google told me it was alright to take it.
once i started taking them,
i started feeling relief enough to be comfortable in my safe space again.
that one night i slept all the way through:

by friday,
i had limited to no pain,
but i still wanted to rest and heal.

I told myself that I would limit most electronics until further notice.

when dmx passed,
i hopped on to show love on iG and removed myself shortly after.

being bedridden can really make you think about things and life clearly.
i’ll share as i slowly integrate myself back into The Foxhole again.
i’m extremely grateful the pain is gone now.
i can move my head from side to side,
and in a complete circle.
i can bend over to wash my face and don’t need to hold my breath to get up.

thank you all for allowing me to heal properly by understanding i needed to step away.
i hope everyone is doing well and i’ll be responding to all messages as i catch up.
great to see ya again!

Author: jamari fox

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