my truth: it’s not my fault that you like to suck d!ck

I should have titled this entry,
Addressing the drama…“,
like I was a YT influencer lol.

around this time last week,
i was given a story that ended up going left.
real left.
so far left,
the whole car is in a swamp.

it involved an attentionosto that i wasn’t too familiar with.
truth: i had to google him last week to remind myself of who he was.
i’ve never fonted about him nor has The Foxholer ever sent him in as a feature.

I knew nothing about his life until this time last week.

so when i posted a video,
which looked like an onlyfans clip if i’m being honest,
and i can’t even say alleged since hit animals definitely barked the loudest,

all hell broke loose and i lost my patreon because of it.
it has left me feeling all the things but i woke up out my sleep with the urge for closure.

this is my truth

It is not my fault that you like to suck dick.

“you” can be plural in this case.
i love to suck dick too but guess what?

if i know i have things to lose,
i’m not going to be sucking dick on camera or not keeping the footage.
this is what annoys me with some people.
they do dumb shit but need someone to blame when their dumb shit is exposed.

It’s like being a drug addict who kept it on the low.
You get recorded doing drugs and you’re mad that you’re exposed for doing drugs.
The truth still remains outside of that: you do drugs.

so when i’m being guilt tripped that someone was gonna take their own life,
all because i was sent in a story that was on a private sector within The Foxhole,
i have to ask


dude was sucking dick…
that is not a story in 2023.
this isn’t obama getting caught up.
this is a random dude on beyonce’s internet.
there are plenty of males suckin’ dick in 2023 on onlyfans as well.
i didn’t know dude enough to know his sexuality outside of that video.
so was it all because the dick sucking was supposed to be a secret?

Unless the dick sucking was supposed to be on the low,
someone within the two people involved moved sus and that video clip got out. 

there is a snake within the circle and it damn sure ain’t me.
it couldn’t be me because i don’t personally know any of the people involved.
so i’m getting accused of “hacking iclouds” and “sending videos to family members“.
here is the real logic:

From the time I’ve started The Foxhole in 2009,
I have been told many secrets and seen other incriminating videos with other males.
I could have BEEN gotten clout off of their trust…

…but I choose to say “fuck that” and go after someone I barely knew existed before this time last week?
Hack an iCloud of someone whose email or number I don’t know?
Send videos to family members just to be spiteful for the sake of being spiteful?
People do realize the Feds can track IP addresses,

I need folks to be logical.

so i’m not gonna take the blame for any of this.
i have blamed myself this week and God had to snap me back to reality.
fuck that and fuck anyone trying to pin their bs on me. 

that is my truth and this is my closure on this situation.
i’ve accepted everything that has happened and that i cannot change.
my character on this platform has spoken for itself over the years.
i posted a video that wasn’t any different to what i do with other stories.
i’m very transparent and have no problem telling my truth to all who will read.
this whole situation sucks but i’m moving forward now.

oh and btw:

I guarantee you that everyone who watched that clip probably sucks dick too.

1. he was in good company.
2. they have no room to judge if they did.
from what i saw from my community,
no one judged or even had anything negative to font.
i certainly didn’t.

lowkey: usually i’m “beyonce to the bullshit” and stay silent but therapy changed a fox.
i’ve kept quiet over people telling alternative facts about me long enough.

some of these folks could stand a little therapy too.

12 thoughts on “my truth: it’s not my fault that you like to suck d!ck

  1. I wondered what happened to your Patreon, Jamari, which I loved but only check periodically, and this explains it. I didn’t even know about the private members posts. You shouldn’t be blamed for posting a video that’s supposedly out there on other sites. As someone who’s followed your blog for a while I can say without question that you do operate with integrity, and I’m glad you’re keeping going.

  2. I have followed you for awhile now. I know if this happened years ago there would be a different tone to this post and this incident would have put you in a dark place. I am so proud of you for using your voice LOUDLY and the work you have put in yourself to see yourself from greater lens.

  3. If this is the same person that i think, the video was already rummaging around on X. So much so, that i didn’t even click on it when you posted it. So he made you a casualty for his fuck up. I’m sorry that happened to you.

  4. If it was a private member’s only post, clearly someone here notified him because how else was he made aware of it?

    1. ^ that is a good question.

      i was told it was uploaded to another site shortly after mine.
      this whole situation is a rabbit hole and i took the hit.

  5. Please tell me this wasn’t the blog guy? He is clearly gay, so other than ppl seeing him do it, getting ur patreon taken down is a reach because it’s all ready been seen.

    1. ^ and it wasn’t even on my patreon.
      it was on here under a private members only discussion.
      can’t even be picked up on google.

      now if folks take the video and put it other places,
      that is out of my control.

    2. Who is this person? I would like to make sure I’m not following/supporting them. I’ve been here since 09, I’ll be damned smh

    1. ^ people do things and are not rational.
      they look for an easy target to blame.
      the truth hasn’t changed within that.
      it is still the same and i’ve been an easy target long enough.
      if i did wrong,
      i have no issue apologizing.

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