Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

image1everyone say goodbye to kenneth “ahmad” love.
one of my foxholers,
who went to college with him,
sent me this story.
this is a gist of what was said in the foxmail:

“Good looking, popular “straight” guy comes out after college. Makes a post Friday about how he’s excited to go visit a friend in OK this weekend.

Apparently dudes boyfriend he’s visiting in OK got jealous, rushes to apartment. Grabs a golf club to his dude with, but dude is so solid it breaks in half and dudes boyfriend ends up impaling him. Died right there.”

it caused me to gasp out loud at work.
now this is what the news report for thv11..

A man is dead after being stabbed with a broken golf club. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene after reports of a stabbing that occurred on Salinas de Hidalgo Boulevard.

When police arrived to the scene they found the victim, Kenneth Love, 27, bleeding in the driveway. Love was transported to a nearby hospital where he later died.


Terrio Williams, 34, allegedly got into an altercation with his boyfriend Charles Johnson and Love. Williams then struck the victim with a golf club. The golf club broke on impact. Williams then grabbed the broken club and stabbed Love.

Deputies have arrested Terrio Williams as the main suspect and have charged him with second degree murder.


what a sad story.
a promising life taken so soon.
i really have no words.
jealousy is such an ugly emotion.
if you’re with someone and you get that jealous,
it’s time for that relationship to end.
i wanted to see more ahmad,
but of course i can’t find his facebook and his ig is private.
either way,
may kenneth “ahmad” love rip.

lowkey: thank you to the foxholer who sent me his facebook.
this was his final post…

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-7-39-13-pmhow eerie and depressing ^that status is.
he didn’t chill with him for years and this is what ended up happening?
this is who he was ( x with )…

this is ( x the jackal’s  facebook ).
i feel there is more to this story…

article taken: thv11

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday”

  1. WOW I saw some guys on IG mention him dying due to violence and that he was from Houston .I Googled it this morning but I didn’t know his name was Kenneth.I was Googling Ahmad Love.

    Educated(Masters Degree) Accomplished and life cut short over jealousy.

  2. Smh he was a special education teacher too.

    NO ONE had anything bad to say about this dude.

    Attractive AND had a big heart and to die that way smh…I can’t even deal.

    Makes you remember how short life is and what people will say about you when you die.

    We all must take whatever steps we need to live our best life NOW. Life is too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled, or chasing someone that doesn’t appreciate or want you.

    1. I hate reading stuff like this, may he RIP. Jay I agree with Jamari that last paragraph you wrote hit home for me.

  3. When I hear this kind of story it breaks my heart. I’m reminded that I am a survivor of a near-fatality myself.


    My prayers to everyone and the families involved.

      1. My first relationship ended with my ex stabbing me in our home. I iniitially blocked out much of the experience: the obvious physical and mental and emotional pain and I’ve tried to move on…but stories like these remind me that some people aren’t as lucky as I was. I’m good now and I talk more about it. it definitely was an experience that changed my life forever man.

      2. Omg, I’m so sorry Breezy! That sounds downright frightening! I’m glad you’re alive to tell the tale! Wow. I’m sure this has affected your dating life going forward, no? That sounds traumatizing.

        1. ^Breezy!
          I’m late with this comment but I’m glad you are okay.
          I know that kind of situation is traumatizing,
          but try to take all the time you need before you get back out there.
          if you need to see someone then do so.
          I can only imagine what kind of fear that put into you.

  4. Domestic violence is real. This sad but something tells me the killer has committed acts of violence before and possibly on his boyfriend. This guy got caught in the middle. How solid is he that he broke a golf club?

  5. This is so sad. from wha i read Kenneth Love was the kind of person beautiful outside and inside. I don’t find jealousy cute, i don’t care about what nobody says jealousy is selfishness ans insecurities. There’s no love in jealousy. RIP Love.

    PS: i did’t get the mail the foxholer sent you, too much “dude” lmao

  6. On behalf of Kenneth’s family and close friends, please be careful about posting hearsay and not knowing the truth or having the correct facts.

  7. SMH! It’s always a death over some fuck shit. May he rest in peace. It’s crazy because all they wanted to do was have a good time. I don’t understand why your life may be at risk just by going out and hanging out with friends. People cannot go anywhere without some BS, just like Tyson gay’s daughter. SMFH!

  8. This is a sad story. This man was in the crossfire of a jealous crazed boyfriend who was clearly full of rage. I guess people do not ask questions anymore they, just attack. SMH. May Kenneth rest in peace.

  9. This is terrible. Stories like this confirm why I do not allow any type of violence or violent talk when Im getting to know dudes. None of that “play fighting” or “I was just joking around” bull shit. It may start off playful and end deadly. Nope.

  10. It seemed like he had so much to contribute to the world too. It’s just not right. What a beautiful man, gone over some trivial crap. May he R.I.P. This is just not right. Condolences to their family.

  11. That’s so mess up how a person can kill someone over seeing there friend because of jealousy u is so foul for that shit RIP Kenneth Love

  12. I saw most of your comments about Kenneth ahmad loves passing. I am 1 omof his high school class mates of 2007. Ive known him basically mywhole life. Ireally just wanted to confirm that,yes kenneth was a great guy. He always had the biggest smile, so kind and sooo funny. He always had a bright spirit. To know him was to love him. So yes this hit all of us who knew him very hard. Praying for his amazing parents and his older brother jr. This is beyond tough to bare. I would never imagine anything like this happening to him ofall people. I cant even imagine who wouldnt or couldnt like him… I could go onand on… But yesi just had to confirm…. Kenneth was a sweet guy so full of life, had the biggest smile and loudest laugh lol. We love him and will forever mourn losing him 🙁

    1. My heart goes out to his family. I can feel their pain being I just lost my son (Braxton Bennett) tragically in December 2015. The feeling/pain of losing a child is indescribable. Ahmad was a very smart, mannerable, and intelligent young man. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Ahmad will truly be missed.

  13. Baby boy got caught up in some BS (lead astray by this Charles guy, who should feel like shit!! Ahmad shouldn’t have died, as for his killer, he is no stranger to the courtroom!! His court date is March 15th, he needs to sit down for a while!! That’s just my opinion,

  14. The killer’s trial is coming up. September 21, 2017, at 9 a.m. Courtroom 440, Pulaski County Circuit Court, Judge Herbert Wright presiding. The killer is charged with Second Degree Murder, which is an easier standard for the prosecution to prove and AK has a mandatory minimum of 6 years for said crime. I’m not sure who the killer’s lawyer is, but he stupidly plead “not guilty” so a plea deal is off the table. The judge once sentenced a killer to 12 life sentences + 180 years. I hope the judge is this merciless when sentencing the killer here. I was one of Ahmad’s good friends and I remember trying to talk him into becoming a lawyer like me. I’m watching every move the lawyers in this case make and I hope that Terrio Williams (the killer) pays the ultimate price for taking my friend, and a friend to so many others, away from us.

    1. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, I hope his family ,friends and loved ones get justice. This broke my heart, and I didn’t know Ahmad, but I saw his facebook page, you can tell that he was full of love and life. I agree, his killer needs to get full punishment

  15. There’s an inside story many don’t know. The news didn’t give all the details. People seem to forget there was a confrontation. Who was the aggressor? Jealousy wasn’t it. The sad part is when the truth comes out no one will want to believe it. Terrio’s name has been ruined. It’s truly sad what happened on both sides. My condolonces to both family’s.

  16. Heres what we know based on the what they said in the courtroom:

    The incident actually happened in the morning
    Drugs were NOT involved. Williams actually went to church that morning and returning home from church.
    Williams walks in his OWN home hearing sounds of passion. Williams turns on his camera phone (why idk) and proceeds to bedroom where he finds Love and his boyfriend (Johnson) in a compromising sexual position. In the heat of the moment the fight ensued and someone life because of it.

    Lets not paint the picture as if the person who died was an angel. However the man who murdered him (as an alleged man of God) should NOT have let this ruin his life by taking someone else’s. The whole situation seems wrong and messy and i hope our community (the gay community) learns someday that you can NOT have infidelity and love at the same time. it will spontaneously combust just like this. If you ask me the one who should be shunned and blamed for this is boyfriend who was sleeping with their mutual friend.

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