Did Jealousy Kill Harry Uzoka?

jealousy can really burn your biscuits up.
for those who get jealous over others quick,
you know it can really consume you.
you see them as Gods to your lowly peasant.
even if you are just as successful,
or even better,
it won’t stop you from getting jealous of someone not even on your level.
they allegedly found the killing jackal of model wolf,
harry uzoka.
it was an alleged other model.
a foxholer sent me what “the daily mail” had to say…
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Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

image1everyone say goodbye to kenneth “ahmad” love.
one of my foxholers,
who went to college with him,
sent me this story.
this is a gist of what was said in the foxmail:

“Good looking, popular “straight” guy comes out after college. Makes a post Friday about how he’s excited to go visit a friend in OK this weekend.

Apparently dudes boyfriend he’s visiting in OK got jealous, rushes to apartment. Grabs a golf club to his dude with, but dude is so solid it breaks in half and dudes boyfriend ends up impaling him. Died right there.”

it caused me to gasp out loud at work.
now this is what the news report for thv11..
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