(UPDATE) Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

we can finally bring closure to this story.
the foxhole has been keeping me updated on it.
i’m always appreciative.
so remember ( x this entry )?
kenneth “ahmad” love was murdered by terrio sanchez williams.
in an alleged jealous rage,
he stabbed kenneth with a broken golf club.
well terrio will be locked away for a very long time.
this is what arkansas online had to update…
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Premium Meat of the Minute: Greg Childs

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw3UCDEe-6g]

there is not a lot online about my newest prey, greg childs.
that’s how i like my wolves.
no paper trail.
no messiness.
only a nice entry on my boo hoodsworld,
my favorite eye PROTEIN site i try to ignore so i don’t explode.
i fail each time.

let the hunting begin.

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