so i watched the season 4 finale of “insecure” and, uh, well…

this was my exact fact after the “insecure” season finale last night.
i think i babbled “wtf was that?” as well.
no seriously…

WTF was that?

when i look back at season 1 of that show,
you can tell the writing was a vastly different up until now.
i have a few thoughts

– that “searching for tiffany” saga should have been more fleshed out.
we she was dealing with post partem,
but she isn’t that much of a main supporting character for us to care.
kelli is moreso someone i’d gaf if she went missing.
they could have given tiffany a whole episode tbh.

– the supporting characters all needed their own episodes.
they could have tied them all together durind issa and molly’s beef.
i’d love to know what it’s like to be in nathan and kelli’s lives.
even tiffany and her man.

– molly and issa had this big beef,
nearly fought at her event,
and now they both dealing with man issues,
it was time for them to come together?

i HATE this lawrence and condalezza rice “pregnancy” story line.
hate it,
hate it,
hate it.

for ten episodes,
i feel like i don’t have a clear idea of this season.
it seemed like random things thrown together to see what sticks.
molly and andrew could have been more indepth to their dissolution.
they didn’t seem that compatible anyway.
with other scenarios,
like issa/molly and even her getting back with lawrence,
i was left feeling like i needed more “meat” to really give a full plate.
it felt like it needed one more episode so that could be the season finale.
if anything,
they should carried the molly/issa separation into season 5.
tiffany still missing or with another wolf when they got to the hotel room.


“insecure” was always good at creating surprise drama for the season finales.
shit we didn’t expect.
there was rumors that canopy was gonna turn up pregnant.
issa should have met up with nathan at the restaurant.
cookie monster should have arrived at lawrence’s crib and said:

“We need to talk”

…with nathan saying the same thing to issa and leave it at that.
the shot of molly crying should have been her final shot for that season.
it felt very rushed for this last episode.

Is this just me?

i’ll be back for season 5.

lowkey: nothing will ever top (  x the last ten minutes ) in season 1 in “insecure”.
that season finale had the whole world talking,
created a divide against males and females,

and made us look forward to the next season.
it was what good iconic tv is made of.

18 thoughts on “so i watched the season 4 finale of “insecure” and, uh, well…

  1. They either need more episodes or to make each ep an hour long. It all felt very rushed .

  2. This season to me was “Lowkey Incomplete”. The show, I don’t know, its like they tell more about the show during the wine downs instead of putting it in the show. They mentioned the baby situation which kinda threw it off to come in the show. There was no surprise moment, people was expecting it to come. Issa and Molly, that situation was brewing from the last time they fell out. This time only happened because. Molly was jealous of Issa’s “new friend”. A lot of people fall into that “no new friends” zone and fall back. She was upset Condola was doing their “friendly routine” instead of “Molly & Issa Hour”. She let Issa hang on her moment with the block party.

    Lawrence finally came back from HIS “hoetation” and thought Condola was the one when he was “lowkey” just a fuck buddy. You can tell your friends about him, tell Issa you dating him but don’t invite him to Thanksgiving. He had to invite himself, who does that? Then you find out from her friend that you just a fuck, she played the fuck outta Lawrence. I still don’t think that’s his baby. Its possible when you have sex you can have a baby but wearing a condom and you still pop up pregnant, something ain’t right. How you abort your husband baby and turn around and want to keep your side dick baby.

    Tiffany. That should have been played 3 episodes ago, not during the finale. That empty ass search for LaToya went longer than that and they just now put the end on Instagram. Its like they putting the show on after the show. Everything is incomplete.

  3. First, I don’t know why soooo much hate toward Condola? Secondly, I knew Lawrence was going to disappoint Issa by the season’s finale. I saw it coming a mile away.
    Overall, I really enjoyed this season. The show should be extended to an hr, because there is so much to unpack and thirty minutes is just not sufficient time to unpack everything that we’ve presented with from episode one to finale. Molly and Issa, I’m in the minority here because I am team Molly. if you remember she was trying to bridge the gap between them. The straw which broke the Camel’s back is the thanksgiving episode, where she felt let down by Issa. She also tried to set boundaries with Issa around Andrew and work relations, but Issa found a way to work around that. If I were Molly, I would be pissed AF too. I do think the Condola, Lawrence storyline is cliche. The writers could have used some creativity in wrapping the characters together and looping them with Issa’s and Molly’s beef. Tiffinay’s postpartum chould have been highlighted a bit more. it really felt rushed, as with the season. As i’ve mentioned earlier, the show should be extended to an hr to leave room for further unpacking.

  4. I thought it was too short too. I also think maybe the COVID shutdown may have been why we didn’t get everything we may have wanted. I know a lot of shows were connected.

  5. The writing was a little weak with some characters.

    Canola oil who seemed well put together just wanted a baby with her fuck boy???

    If her drunk friend at the “friendsgiving” had told Lawrence that “you’re her fuck boy and the only reason she left her marriage was because she wanted a baby and her husband didn’t” – THAT WOULD HAVE MADE HER PREGNANCY stick!

    Also I do believe she was knocked up by Issa’s block party. The way she acted around Issa was too much.

    Also I needed Molly and Issa’s friendship break extended into season 5! It was a cop out not seeing the full breakup of Molly and Andrew. Also the final Ethiopian restaurant conversation- cop out.

  6. This was also my favorite season. Along with season 2, the finale felt rushed though and very predictable with the Condiminum story line lol.. I’m mad Nathan was right about Lawrence. He was sloppy and now willl have to be there for his newborn and BM. Issa needs to stay grinding, Molly needs to stop projecting and make smarter decisions, surprised she’s an attorney with some of the rash things she says and does but expects others to be perfect and adhere to her liking.

    I will say the music this seasons has been nothing but SLAPS. HELLA proud of Raphael Saddiq and Issa Rae. They got us alll talking despite the clear ly predictable and messy writing on the finale.

    See y’all in 2022 lord willing!

  7. I liked the episode
    I don’t see what people like about Kelli as a character-
    I know people want plus sized representation but I think
    It’s regressive to always have the big girl be “funny” or comedic relief. She should be multi faceted ..
    I actually like Tiffany as a character . I was also wondering If there was another man involved at first, but I don’t think That was necessary

    Molly is very selfish and I hope issa doesn’t forgive her so quickly because she only wants a crutch since her break up

    I don’t know what Andrew was hiding they had him hanging up every time molly walked in.. wondering what that was about

    Consoles pregnancy was weird Bc last week Lawrence broke it off. Why didn’t she tell him she was pregnant then? Very sus

  8. i also thought this was the best season of insecure. Absolutely loved it but agree that Tiff’s situation needed a whole episode plus they could have done without the Condola story line in the last episode but overall, i really really enjoyed this season

  9. Firstly, let me say that I really liked this season. However, the writing with Tiffany’s postpartum storyline was lacking and lazy, and Condola popping up pregnant was CLICHE AS HELL. I’m tired of “break babies” and baby mamas being the go-to obstacle in black love stories. They had us in the palm of their hands and chose to take us there. There? Oh, aight.
    But that police interaction was golden and actually hit me heavy…. how we can be in the midst of our own life stuff but that shit is always looming and can happen at ANY moment…

    1. ^i will say that scene
      and the gay white male talking
      about unleashing his inner black woman
      was gold for me too.

      i keep saying a lot of other races use the “black ghetto woman” trope to describe their gayness .

  10. Said the same thing, with how short these episodes are, the last we even saw Tiffany and her postpartum depression was the block party. 30ish minutes is barely enough when filled with all the fluff. It felt rushed since we wasted 12 minutes looking for Tiffany…

    They definitely should of had a season where Issa and Molly take a break apart and come back together, when Molly’s therapy really kicks in, because clearly with the confrontation with Andrew that shit aint working. And Molly only feels the need to come back to Issa when she blows up her relationship which Issa told her she’d do at the block party…rolls my eyes

    Now we’re going to recycle “The Games” Melanie and Derwin story line with a baby? We knew this baby was coming 2 weeks ago…Throw it all out in the trash. I’m over this.

  11. Friendship and communication was the topic of the season. One of the writers answered questions about this season on his IG

  12. Personally I thought this was the best season. I do agree they could have did better with Tiffany’s postpartum storyline.

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