everyone loves a good season finale

season finales.
when a good tv show ends,
the season finale is usually poppin’.
it ends on a note that has us like:


it’s friendships having rough patches,
someone cheating,
or a main character getting killed off.
so next season,
we will be invested in where the remaining characters go with the storyline.

Since we are stars in our own stories,
it left me to wonder…

Do we recognize when a season is over in our lives?

is it when everything is going wrong?
when we have to start over?
or when we become the villain and don’t even realize it?

i feel like i’m in a season-ender of my life.
i don’t know if i’ve become the villain or what…

3 thoughts on “everyone loves a good season finale

  1. You’ve always been the villain, but your ah ha moment is now you realize it’s been you all along. Look at your past post, and tell me where you promote gay males from the black community in a positive light and compare that to the negative post you made. Your negative post more than triple anything positive. But it’s not too late. And stop fawning over these straight guys, who half of them are homophobic.

  2. Seasonal transitions are what it’s called for me. That feeling of resolution regarding a “life situation” that has occupied a lot of mind space. Moving on and realizing there is JUST NO MORE corner’s to turn in a circumstance. When every avenue has been weighed and explored, you throw up the V for victory ✌️🙌 sign and journey on.

    1. Yes to everything the person above stated. My motto is pick yourself up and move on. The world at large is still moving and so should you. There’s always a reason to keep going forward. Also the fact that one can recognize themselves as a “villain” is also a good note. It means that you’re very much aware of how wrong you are or possibly could be wrong in scenario. From there it’s up to you to decide to make rights on your wrongs or not which is a sign of maturity and growth. You can always choose to do better and be better. Now Mari I don’t obviously know what’s going on in your life personally but if you do feel that you’re honestly in the wrong with whatever is happening just know that you don’t have to stay as a “villain”. Because honey there are people who do wrong and don’t give af about how they move or what they do or even who they do it to and those people are the real shit stains on the sidewalk.

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