I Watched The “How To Get Away With Murder” Mid Season Finale And Well…

auntie viola…
i have no words foxhole.
i just watched the “how to get away with murder” mid season finale…

  • oliver is struggling.
    he needs to pull it together!!!!
  • bonnie is trying so hard yet failing so easily
  • i actually felt sorry for laurel.
    usually i can’t stand her,
    but that shit was sad af
  • that last scene is going to trigger anna mae.
    it’s going to cause a serious relapse
  • connor grew on me.
    i hated him,
    but he found his purpose.
    most bitter bens need a purpose to stop vomiting hate on us
  • my nerves during that episode:

how intense was it all????
this 4th season has me HOOKED!
i loved how they pieced everything together for the “what had happened”.
this show is so good!!!
they ALL need awards!!!
that entire cast acts their tails off.
im usually in tears just by the “goings on” and the passion.
i’m an emotional tv watcher.
i’m glad they are returning in janurary.
i need MORE!

lowkey: one of my new favorite new characters is tegan.
she is played by amirah vann.
i was hoping it was not her.
i would have legit shed thug tears.
i’m strangely attracted to her as well.
i don’t understand what is happening.

5 thoughts on “I Watched The “How To Get Away With Murder” Mid Season Finale And Well…

  1. This show is EVERYTHING! I don’t know what has become of scandal, but murder gives me what I need baby! Diversity, messiness and drama!

  2. When Viola kept saying, “Live! Live!’ I was on the edge of my seat. Shonda outdid herself.

  3. Bruh! I was so hype for it and it more than exceeded my expectations. And Michaela’s little performance when she got off the elevator was brilliant. I love this show.

  4. Agree with everything you’ve said. It was so good this season. And I am strongly attracted to Tegan as well. Maybe its deep admiration lol.

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