yeah, something is up with chadwick boseman

so i fonted about chadwick boseman‘s dramatic weight loss in ( x this entry ).
something was off with black panther and i felt it.
chadwick was admitted to the hospital yesterday…

source credit: backgrid

CHADWICK Boseman was seen in a wheelchair as he entered a Los Angeles hospital emergency room on Friday, photographs exclusively obtained by The Sun reveal.

The 42-year-old Black Panther star was dropped off at the Santa Monica medical center by his rumored fiancée, Taylor Simone, two months after fans expressed concern over his drastic weight loss.

you can’t even get admitted to the hospital without paparazzi being on your tail.
privacy is legit out the window.
i stand by my statement that something is up with chadwick.
i hope this has nothing to do with catching the rona.
if he has underlying health conditions,
this could be more serious than is being reported.
may he have a speedy recovery.

lowkey: between this and dl hughley having a stroke on stage…

what is going on?

article cc: the washington time

10 thoughts on “yeah, something is up with chadwick boseman

  1. I’m hoping all is well with him, but I am having concerns. I was skeptical to believe it at first.

  2. Chadwick doesn’t just read a script and studies how the character should sound. He actually does his research. In order for them to play the role, some actually go through the research for that character and some actually put themselves in it to be that character and know what it actually feels like. 50 Cent dropped all that weight for a role and it took him longer than a year. I mean look at Jamie Foxx. He actually blinded himself to play Ray Charles. If Chadwick is playing a character that is that thin, he has to go through the motions of his body responding to it. His body is not getting nutrition. He is still signed on to play T’Challa so there is nothing wrong. Marvel is going to pack his weight back on once he starts shooting for Black Panther 2. This far in the game, Marvel don’t replace actors. If Chadwick pulls out from Marvel then I would be concerned, that’s when you know its real and not for a role.

  3. Chadwick has been looking sickly for almost a year.I think if this weight loss was for a role he would have mentioned it in interviews or in a statement.
    As for DL he said he was dehydrated and he tested positive for COVID-19.

  4. Nothing ever mentioned about bulimia? I just skim all the pics of him cause it makes me lowkey sad. Hope he recovers from w.e he’s dealing with

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