republican, matt gaetz, needs to explain something to us all

whenever someone randomly has to “explain something“,
it’s never just “just because“.
there is always a “something” behind it.
florida congressman,
matt gaetz,
figured he should “explain something” on his twitter that had everyone fonting…


Who was wondering?

underneath the tweet,
he admitted it stemmed from a racial disagreement with another congressmen:

this reeks of insecurity to me.
not even about his sexuality,
but his reasoning is off.
almost all republicans reasoning for things tends to be off.

of course,
he was called “gay” for his admission and you can already guess what he did:

well i won’t lie to you,
if someone showed me that pic without any context,
i’d assume matt was nestor’s sugar daddy.
this is off the strength of not knowing anything.
while i don’t think matt is gay,
but i do think he is insecure about being looked at like a racist.
most white folks these days are.
until matt is caught in a gay situation,
he is nothing more than a republican trying to look like he isn’t a stereotypical one.

lowkey: he seems to be donald’s favorite…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “republican, matt gaetz, needs to explain something to us all”

  1. Saw this on Twitter so definitely I was confused. Trust and believe there is something fishy going on and I believe there’s some sort of an arrangement between the duo.

  2. The Trump people are just so WEIRD !!!!!!!!( I’m so glad this is all being documented , captured, Tweeted and written about because future generations and the world will not believe this .

    White historians will attempt to alter reality like they have been doing for centuries.. I don’t believe anything white people write anymore!!

    Its so sad because all the books we have been forced to read have been engrained in our young and impressionable minds..

  3. But didn’t he describe this kid as the “Help” and House Page all these years and now he is “Daddy” to this kid. Sounds like a Lady G arrangement.

  4. The REAL question is was he grooming this boy from since 12? And take off your sunglasses so we can see the genuineness come from your eyes. He’s full of shit. It’ll come out in a fact check…

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