yeah, something is up with chadwick boseman

so i fonted about chadwick boseman‘s dramatic weight loss in ( x this entry ).
something was off with black panther and i felt it.
chadwick was admitted to the hospital yesterday…
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Al Sharpton Is Really Into His Work Out Plan

al sharpton is 62 years old.
al sharpton also use to be big boned.
well al has lost a lot of weight over the years,
but this picture he posted today on his instagram
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I Guess Kim Kardashian Tole Us

kim6well props no more!
kim kardashian is now her ideal weight.
dare i say,
she is looking like old “kim” again.
that’s right!
she was not going to let us get the last laugh.
she went on the “no kanye west work out plan” and well…
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Colin Kaepernick Puts The “Sideshow” in Bob Nowadays

kaepernick-1-resize-jpgi haven’t seen nfl baller wolf,
colin kaepernick,
in a minute.
you know i use to post about him real heavy.
one minute he was the “it” baller wolf and the next…
it could be that shoulder injury or his terrible last season.
he is currently up for trade from the 49ers.
well colin has reemerged thru a snow wolf’s instagram three days ago.
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