I Guess Kim Kardashian Tole Us

kim6well props no more!
kim kardashian is now her ideal weight.
dare i say,
she is looking like old “kim” again.
that’s right!
she was not going to let us get the last laugh.
she went on the “no kanye west work out plan” and well…

these are some pictures of her out ‘n’ about today,
and one of proof of her weight loss,
all for the foxhole review:


well i’m applauding her.
she gets 5+ foxhole points.
i’m glad she decided to work out and throw the corsets away.
she would have fucked around and collapsed from heat stroke.
you gotta give it to kim.
she will not lose her attentionista crown.

*pictures credited: kim kardashian | owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “I Guess Kim Kardashian Tole Us”

    1. BeyoncΓ© is a vegan that practices and performs fairly intensive routines in heels. Hell she probably works with someone sustain her cardio conditioning to do that

      1. @Jay,

        Working out and healthy eating does make a difference but not in the way Beyonce facial feature has changed and the lack of movement in her forehead which is a clear sign of botox. Also, thanks for your respectable response without the name calling that some would do. I will not take credit from her being a talented singer and performer, but many people love to say how she is natural when she is not or the way she ages and many black celebrities have went that route and I wish they could have been inspired to be like Marla Gibbs who has aged without going that route and has had a steady acting career and still does.

  1. Kim so shady lol she took the attention off of Kylie since today is her birthday… But Kim looks good I knew she was going to snap back.

  2. I don’t mean to be a gym slob, but I highly doubt she’s been exercising. There is no muscle tone anywhere on her body and her arms look flabby.

    Looks like extreme dieting or a non evasive weight loss procedure.

    I only say this because I personally know people that do low calorie or keto diets and those lap band surgeries and similar procedures.

    Yeah you lose weight but the skin hangs and you get flabby so it’s best to incorporate weight training to build lean, firm muscle. You won’t lose curves.

    I can’t even picture Kim in a gym.

    1. She looks great but I was saying the same exact thing! She always snapping that she works out and with a trainer at that. Also she just snapped she was getting a skin tightening procedure. Her or that family work out. They pay good doctors and good hush money with a contract.

    2. Damn, I thought it was just me when I saw these pics, saying she looks flabby as hell. I know a Lemonade Cleanse Diet when I see it. Even her face looks old and saggy, she lost it really fast so she has been starving herself. You cant exercise on these types of diet because you do not have the calories to sustain you for exercise.

  3. Kim is cool but Kylie is the new it thing now. I know folks hate on her transformation but she is looking so good these days.

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