Ca$h Out On That Pipe Print Leakage

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.40.48 PMso one of the foxholers had an early morning delivery for me.
the rapper wolf,
ca$h out,
showing us what he is working with.
this time,
the picture was titled:


…before he deleted it.


oh my…
well that looks nice,
but this turns me on more


 that pipe is probably community anyway.
look at all that green.
i got a few things daddy can cash me out with.

up keep

a fox has needs,

and bills.

lowkey: you may remember ca$h out from his sex tape leakage…

…i guess that explains why she was hollering like that.
ca$h out also has ( x cake ) as well.
it seems like he is the whole hood wolf/bodega meat package.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Ca$h Out On That Pipe Print Leakage”

  1. He looks filthy dirty. He looks like he needs some dove body wash, a towel, and listerine. And what’s with these pineapples throwing money on the floor and in the shower etc. that ugly big butt rapper does that same ignant shit.

  2. “Say big daddy, say big daddy!” No pineappe! Not the way she was hollering and screaming like that! His pipe looks like it’s lethal and dangerous. I’m good having sex with Michael Sam or my potential bae I just met on instagram.

    1. Lethal and dangerous in the sense that it’ll have you calling and praying to Jesus while waiting for the results at the free clinic.

      1. Abuse of cash. I’d never treat my money I’m such a,way. It belongs in my account not in the floor. Chill. Everything ain’t always about race and racism. Racist presidents or not CREAM.

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