So At What Time Will You Put Me In front of The Firing Squad?

19821_orayesterday when i got into work,
everyone was weird.
well weirder than usual.
the atmosphere felt really tense.
people were being standoffish than usual.
my foxy senses didn’t like it at all.
i knew the end of the day was going to be some bullshit

so i sat at my desk,
saw that i had more work than usual,
and put my headphones on.
i had already prayed real heavy before i left my crib.

“god what is to be will be.
i know last year i damn near suffered,
but i pray you will open a door if i get fired today…”

or in other words:

5227ef56afa96f1dfc000141throughout the day,
liar liar would be firing subs as she spoke to some of the other jackals.

“i wonder how it feels when someone buries themselves?”

“god i’m glad to above ground.
i would hate the feeling of being buried.”

“i hope whoever takes this new position will be different…”

ya know…
i’m glad god has been working on me.
i really wanted to get up and slap the fire that hoe.

slap…but i knew jail is not a good option right now.

the day felt like a slow torture.
i wanted to know when this was going to happen.
by after lunch,
i was actually ready.
this was the slope down before i clocked out.
at this point i was tired of seeing this bitch and hearing her voice.
she was being all around nasty like i personally did something to her.
the way she bragged about getting more money was nauseating.
the bitch just loves to talk about herself.
if she has an audience,
her mouth will continue to perform.
one of the reasons i try to keep my headphones in.

around 3pm,
i was deep in work and listening to my music.
“gold digger era” playlist i made.
i noticed everyone get up and head over to the conference room.
i took my headphones out and overheard lliar liar ordered pizza.
she never alerted me to every go and get a slice.
i wasn’t going to get up to get shit.
when she finally did ask if i wanted some,
i walked into an empty pizza box.

“oh damn sorry!
i thought there was one slice left…”

bitchi watched my boss walk out her office at 5pm to leave.
liar liar packed up and followed soon after.
i guess “countdown to fired” wasn’t happening yesterday then?
i see i’ll be nice and uncomfortable until that time.
i had such a bad migraine when i left that place.
i came home,
popped 3 sleeping pills,
and was out for the rest of the night.
on lighter news tho:
i have a job interview next week.
i really hope this goes well.
i want the satisfaction of leaving on my own terms.

lowkey: i also hope i get to work for a straight wolf again.
one with balls this time.
no more vixen managers or supervisors.
no offense to my vixen readers.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “So At What Time Will You Put Me In front of The Firing Squad?”

  1. Glad you kept your cool, Jamari; she was definitely trying to provoke you. And, really glad you have that interview next week. Hope it goes well and an offer materializes. It occurs to me they might be trying to get you to quit so you won’t get unemployment. Keep looking, but please don’t quit without having something else lined up. It’s difficult out here. By all means, keep breathing deeply and walking, even doing some push-ups to release the stress. This, too, will pass.

    1. ^thanks oh.

      yeah she is fishing for a reaction.
      she won’t get it.
      i am very calm under pressure.
      i think before i act.
      i was texting one of my hood vixens about it yesterday tho.

      “you want me to come down there and fight that bitch?”

      i nearly took her up on that offer too lol
      i wouldn’t give liar liar the satisfaction than god’s punishment.

    2. I agree with you. He definitely cannot quit without something else lined up. That’s just what they want him to do.

  2. I hope the interview goes well for yo next week. Both Liar and your boss must be a real piece of work huh? When Liar offered you some pizza, you should have declined, I wouldn’t want a damn thing she bought. Nah.

  3. WHEWWWW. Stronger than me! I would’ve fired them subliminals right back.
    It’s almost like she’s auctioning for an ass beating. People like her must be used to altercations…

    You’ll be okay J. I know stuff like this is hard. Just want you to stay strong, okay?

  4. Bro you said the keyword, a Vixen Boss, the worse. Its like night and day working for a man. In my line of work, I have had to work for many Vixen bosses and I hated it, they get some type of satisfaction out of being able to let a man have it. I much rather work for a Male Boss, sadly vixens have ran my last male boss off the job with their messy antics, so I am now going to probably be working for another vixen and that is my cue to leave as well. I think like Old Head, they are trying to get you to quit because they really havent got anything on you to fire you legally, but you best believe those bitches are in cahoots working day and night to do it. You were good to keep your cool with the pizza incident and all the low key shade this bitch was throwing. I hope she knows that when you try to dig a ditch for someone, sometimes you end up falling in it.

    I think I have figured out what is going on, its Liar Liar Boss who feels threaten by you, not dumb basic ass Liar Liar. She is doing what White people do, using another Black person to get rid of you, so her hands will be clean from any bloodshed. That is what most of them do, it their tried and true playbook on jobs, and dumb asses who have no business ever being in management never see how they are being played. They see your light and aura and they want to dim it, you notice that people rarely mess with people on the job who are yes men and ass kissers are who are dumb and really no pose no threat. They mess with those who make them feel insecure. I hope you are able to get a new position. Foxhole lets all pray and speak this into existence for our brother.

  5. Glad you didn’t get let go I agree with wanting to leave in your own terms. I wish you nothing but good luck and vibes on your interview next week. If u get the job throw your fix tail up to that list liar bitch and you pimp walk out of that hellhole.

  6. Honestly I don’t think you’re going to get fired because on the professional side you said you’re excellent, so they can’t fire someone who is really good at what he do even though there some personal bullshit. To be honest I think they are waiting for you to quit, the other way around. Why you can’t transfer to other department or something?

    1. ^i spoke to people about moving me,
      but all the departments are full.
      there are no openings or I would have been out lin.
      At this point,
      I want to leave the job period.

      1. Damn, couldn’t your friend at Vogue help you out or something? But don’t leave just yet, I would rather you get fired to get the unemployment checks if they still do that.

  7. I’m not even there, and I want to drag that bitch! That bitch is somebody I would have a nice little conversation with. Jamari stay strong and I hope and pray that you ace that interview.

  8. They know they do not have probable cause to fire you so now they will try to break you to leave on your own. Have you tried talking to the woman you asked for a recommendation? Well not come right out and discuss your issues but like a coy out to lunch deal and be friendly

    1. ^i thought new yawk was an at will state.
      so they could fire you for no reason?
      I guess they know I could file a nice lawsuit with what I know.
      I started dropping hints to the assistants tho.
      slowly letting know things.
      the biggest card I haven’t told yet.
      I feel ill tell her once I leave.
      that would actually be the best time because if can’t do anything,
      it may make things much worse for me.

      1. Jamari,

        NY is an emplpyment-at-will state, so any company or organization can fire someone without cause. However, that does not mean that a person can’t sue if they were subjected to bad working conditions. As long as everything is documented, and their ducks are in a row…a person should not have a problem. A letter to the Department of Labor can set things in motion.

      2. I’ve always wondered for how that worked for unemployement, because in new jersey if your employer challenges your claim, they have to give a justifiable reason as to why you are fired. My boss tried that with me at one point and challenged my claim and after it was all said and done they issued me more money than the original request.

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