Countdown To Getting Fired?

1364676892_tumblr_ln8atumppy1qdj1axo1_500ya know,
i don’t know if i should be sad or happy.
well scratch that.
i feel pretty neutral tonight.
so one of the mailroom wolves pulled me to the side before i left…

i had to get to the movie screening for “top five” starring chris rock and gabby u.
it started at 6:30 and i left work at 6.
i also had to take a train.
it was a mess.
anyway as i was going down the elevator,
the mailroom wolf got on the same time as me.
he said during convo:

“yo j.
heads up.
liar liar was talking about how they may let you go.
she didn’t exactly say it in those words,
but just watch your back tomorrow.”

it makes sense because she was firing little shots today.
it was weird,
but my foxy senses already told me something was up.
this job has become so uncomfortable now.
i don’t even know if i feel sad.
i’m kind of relieved.
if tomorrow is my last day,
i have my “going away” emails ready.

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26 thoughts on “Countdown To Getting Fired?”

  1. Only time will tell but I hope that’s not the case . I don’t want you to not be working but this job has been hell for you and it seems like it’s getting worse everyday there seems to be joined on your side there. So if you are let go it might be a blessing in disguise. I’m keeping you in my prayers.

    1. ^thanks mikey.
      i appreciate it.
      i want to be sad,
      but I’m so over this job that I’ll be grateful.
      my Christmas maybe fucked,
      but my sanity will be back to normal.

  2. Yo, I think you should go to HR or talk to your vice president of your company. You said that she really cares for you, I think you should of told her something then. I also hope you have everything documented, because you might have a nice lawsuit on your hands.

  3. Can you imagine how many other people have to deal with shit like that at their jobs across America. I’ll pray for you but praying becomes frustrating when it feels like it’s falling on deaf ears. It can’t last forever tho.

    1. ^i agree!

      I think me working for people started to end with this job.
      that was the blessing right there.
      Made me realize how nasty people are in the workplace…

      1. Jamari,

        Don’t let the assholes in that place make you feel that way. There are people like Liar Liar in everyplace, and those are the weak-minded individuals that are misguided by their position/title. They use that “power” to try and make things difficult and uncomfortable for those people under them. On the same front there are people that are so much better as well. As I tell my current co-workers, my current job is the worst run office I have ever had the displeasure to work in. The management thinks that things are running so smoothly, when that is not the case. People have been leaving left and right, and they really are clueless as to why. I said to one of the Director’s a few weeks ago when she made the comment that so many people were leaving, did anyone stop to think that they’re unhappy? She had a look on her face like, no that can’t be the case. I said to myself, this chick is special. LOL
        I came from a corporate office that was run by a great VP and supervisor to one that was run by idiots. That thought keeps me grounded, because I know that not every office is like the one I’m in now. There are good people out there. You will have the good fortune of running into them one day. So keep your head up!

  4. J. If this is the case. Get a little drink after work tomorrow and let loose. And it is a blessing. Everything happens for a lesson in life. And God won’t ever leave you down and out.

  5. Praying for you man. We all know how vindictive coworkers can be. This will free you up to truly delve into what really has your in the marquee and what would make you a household name and a force to be reckoned with!

  6. This is some str8 bullshit, but let the chips fall were they may because Liar Liar can not break your spirit, no matter how much she tries, you have been through the storm and rain already and came out dry and still standing. If you are able to access your computer, please Control, Alt, Delete all the files that you have created, the shortcuts that you use, do not leave them nothing to help them. If you are not on any type of corrective action, if you have not been giving anything in writing, no counseling letter or reprimand, I doubt that they can just outright fire you unless this evil bitch tries to lie and say you stole something from the company, but they better play nice because you will have a big money law suit on your hand if they try some slick shit. Please write a letter to Mr. Green and anybody else you have a good relationship with and inform them of everything and thank them for their support, just be sure and word it showing that you are the bigger person. Your good work ethic is what is going to back fire in her face, when she cant find anyone to keep up the work and she will actually have to start doing it. And if you are able to get that dirty bitch alone be sure and tell her about herself and thank her for doing you a favor. Tell her that you will enjoy sitting at home collecting your Unemployment while she will be working this cold hard winter and also tell her that you have a big opportunity, sometimes you have to lie to your enemies to keep them wondering and messed with their head. Dress your ass off tomorrow and hold your head up high and be professional like you are unfazed, if they do by chance find a way to drop the bomb.

  7. Whoa, Jamari, so you think this is it. Lots of times when people are called into meetings to be given the ax, their computer access is cut off simultaneously so they won’t have an opportunity to sabotage anything when they go back to their desks to collect their things. Hopefully, you’ve been emailing certain things to your personal email account all along. If not, you may want to do so first thing in the morning. Also, if you don’t have a flash drive, buy one enroute to work and copy any pertinent files first thing. From things you’vd said, you have probably already done this.

    I cannot co-sign tajan’s advice to let liar, liar have it on your way out; allow Karma to do that. Be composed all the way — I know you will want to give her a piece of your mind — you don’t need these people challenging your unemployment claim.

    It’s not easy being out of work in these times without a big nest egg, but stress kills! If tomorrow is the day, chalk this up as a learning experience when you get an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned that will aid you in the next chapter.

    Of course, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Jamari if it is the case that you will be fired, it will truly be a blessing. That job has treated you so terribly. Liar liar and others who have been spiteful towards you will get what they deserve. You are in my prayers.

  9. Nah, I don’t think you being fired will be a blessing unless you already have something else lined up. Let’s hope that is not the truth.

  10. If you get fired then you should leave with a BIG BANG by seeing Mr. Greene and the VP and just spill all the tea about that bitch and liar liar. I’m not the one for revenge most time, but I do believe in giving someone their own taste of medicine

  11. I will say this much though. If they ask you what happened, don’t sugarcoat anything. Without being rude or disrespectful, let them know the type of work environment that you worked in. Let them know that you did what was required/requested of you, only to have your work sabotaged. That is the only way that they will know that they have a problem that needs correction.
    If they don’t ask you, perhaps afterwards you can shoot an email or a letter to the VP you had mentioned and give her a heads up.

    1. @Jamari I pray that God be a fence around you. No weapon formed against shall prosper!! Liar liar will get hers you reap what you soy!! You will land on your feet! trust!!!

  12. Just reading this. Praying for you and sending positive energy your way. If they have not done disciplinary action or warnings it’s unlikely they will fire you. They may lay you off. If they do negotiate the best walking away deal you can and be sure to collect unemployment. Keep health care….the Affordable Care Act enrollment period is open. You don’t want to be without a job and get sick and have not health care. That can turn into a lot of bills. Have an exit interview. Tell them what happened in a non emotional way. Stress how the actions of liar liar are hurting the bottom line of the company. And don’t worry about liar liar. What goes around comes around. She will get hers. God Bless you and never met you in person but love you like a brother!

  13. ^thank you immanuel!
    love you as well!

    thank you everyone who commented.
    your prayers and good vibes kept me on for another day.
    its weird how i never got a write up or a warning,
    yet i am being treated like shit.
    i guess when you do well,
    its intimidating to others.
    they haven’t ruined me yet tho.

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