“you sucked my d*ck to good!!!!” – he texted after

nothing better than a male texting you that after you turned him tf out.
some males are born to cheat.
they are just not equipped to the faithful.
when you’re a baller wolf,
and you have access to the finest holes,
it’s impossible for his dick to “try” to turn them down.
it just ain’t possible.
nba baller wolf,
pj tucker,
seems to be one of those baller wolves.
he is married to this vixen with kids:

but his alleged sidechick,
kionna carter,
had this to reveal…

and this was what happened after they allegedly met up:


it seems he liked fucking and getting sucked on by her.
with some males,
you do a few tricks they aren’t use to have them hooked on your shit.

well every situationship has it’s end.
this is where it all went to hell:

um i’m confused

Why did she have to out him?

67 messages?
it seems she got hooked on fuckin him too.

“false promises” tho?
for someone who just wanted “dick on delivery“,
she was expecting way too much from a married baller wolf.
i’m sure he told her that he isn’t “happy” in his marriage.
you know that gets most hoes wet with the thoughts of being next in line.
from pj’s end:

This is simply a sexual transaction

he knew the pussy and head was fire so he might have gassed her.
she should have kept it as:


keep on suckin’ his soul out his dick to pay the bills.
if ima be a hoe,
ima at least be getting a coin.
on a positive note,
this is what she allegedly looks like:


she is cute and super regular.
big titties and a sloppy mouth tho.

at least she’s black and not some racially ambiguous centaur.
pj seems to like cheating with black vixens.
ain’t that right,
( x blac chyna )?

dms courtesy: sports gossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on ““you sucked my d*ck to good!!!!” – he texted after”

  1. I hate to say this, sometimes when you get married the sex becomes boring. Then the cheating starts, I always say…be a hoe in bed to keep him in your bed.

    1. that ain’t gonna work. the minute some “new” ass is thrown their way, fellas lose their mind. LMAO

      1. I think I read somewhere that for most people when you are in a relationship other people become less attractive to you but for attractive people once you are in a relationship other people become more attractive to you. I wonder if this is more access. I wonder if the more desirable you are; money, looks, connections, the more likely you are to find other people attractive when you are in a relationship.

    2. Let’s be real y’all, monagamy, for men is hard (Gay, straight or bi). And, dare I say it, most men cheat. Does that make a man a “fuck-boy” for cheating? Only God knows. I feel it ain’t cheating if u don’t get caught (snap-snap), but I’m jaded.

      I will say this … the woman knew ol boy was married and outed him when she caught feelings and he didn’t reciprocate. So she fucked up for that.

      But, then again, if u play with fire, u get burnt. He should’ve got him a call girl and had a NDA on deck.

  2. I get it….. sometimes it’s not about what u do to the DICK….. it be what the DICK done to u…..I remember when I was in college..I had a dude that I use to fuck with..I thought I would be the one who went crazy because he use to eat my ass like it was he’s last meal…but when I did get a boyfriend….this dude got crazy!!! Just because I wouldn’t let him eat out anymore!!! Well damn….that took me back to 1997!

  3. You guys sure she’s not Trans???? She looks like it.( Not that that’s a bad thing. just insightful.. lol)

      1. jamari, she did say ” Giving head was her favorite thing ” Which seemed odd for a straight woman to say.

        It I had a Vagina ,,,yall couldn’t keep my legs closed ( ha ha ha )

        “:Head” just seems like so much “MALE ENERGY “giving and receiving .

        1. I’ve heard women say that it’s their favorite thing to do. But it’s only when they’re good at it (like really good) b/c they like the way it has guys going crazy. Where one woman won’t go another thrives.

  4. I feel like if you marry a baller wolf expect an open relationship and it’ll probably be one sided .

  5. What do they get from this? Nobody will give you D because you run your mouth and the cashflow stops. Simple minded.

  6. Is it possible to not show the kids faces when talking about the mess adults created. I am just protective of our youth. I know it maybe public on their social media. Just a suggestion

  7. Simply minded is true. People should stop posting their business. Luckily he was down to get with her. Keep your mouth shut!!!

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