juneteenth is not a thing to overshadow gay pride month

i keep fonting it but…

Some white gays are not allies to the black gay community

just because some love black pipe,
that doesn’t mean they love you.
chadwick moore
a former liberal media journalist,
and constitutional conservative,
had this to tweet about juneteenth and the ‘blacks’



our ancestors rose from their power,
got twitters,
and assembled to mercilessly drag his ass.
he stood by everything he tweeted without deleting too:

juneteeth isn’t a thing“?
i guess they want us to push our history to the side to make folks comfortable.
it’s so interesting to see what most of these folks really think about us.
he sounds like one of those mouthy white gays that was severely picked on in school.
now that he has some kind of voice,
he has become as vile as his bullies.

lowkey: he basically said ( x what mike mann said ),
but it came from a different toilet.

tweets taken from: here

25 thoughts on “juneteenth is not a thing to overshadow gay pride month

  1. If that wasn’t the gayest racist statement ever and yet, he still has a job.

  2. I once was told: ain’t nuthin worse than a broke sissy.

    But I beg to differ: ain’t nuthin worse than a racist white fag. Fuck em all.

  3. He looks (and likely smells) like something that you throw in a landfill. I can’t even get bent out of shape about his obvious trolling. I think a lot of white people can’t take not being the center of attention, so they resort to hateful and provocative statements to get some attention. He was probably bullied relentlessly as a child. Truly pathetic.

    1. This is why I tend to be wary about IR dating. This shithead would probably throw his legs up to take the first “BBC” that came his way. And some black men would be all too eager to fuck with him, despite his racist trolling.

  4. As a gay black man I’m not offended at all cause he isn’t anymore or less vile than our straight black “brothers”!

  5. This White Fag can kiss my ass, that’s all I have to really say cause he didn’t bring any POINTS, Juneteenth has history behind it, unlike his uncultured ass that dnt know shit about nothin, but using June as an excuse to flouse around in a rainbow TuTu and get gangbanged 🙄

  6. Lmfaooo. These white f****ts are just getting way too bold. Out of a whole 31 day month you mad cause black people have one day? Puhleeze, he’ll be alright!

  7. You heard what he said about Stonewall he said that Marsha P Johnson wasn’t there at Stonewall riots he said it was white gay man that start the stonewall riots The only thing I agree with him on was Marsha P Johnson was not trans woman he was a Gay man

  8. He’s just trolling. He was probably never a liberal. He realized you can make some money by being a token. He’s the new Milo Yiannopoulos. He thinks he’s causing division on the left by pitting gays against blacks. Conservative provocateurs love doing that. You should see how giddy they get whenever a black man is alleged to victimize a woman. They think we are consumed by identity politics and think we’ll all go to war against each other. (They seem to forget they are in the business of White Christian Supremacy identity politics.) The right loves to use a minority who speaks out against other minorities as a shield. That’s pretty much why they are embracing Kanye. As far as Chad I’d give him a trolling score of 4/10. He’s riled a few people up but he’s trying too hard. He should have kept it subtle and maybe added a little concern trolling into it. I’ve seen better trolling on reddit .

    1. its also why they damn near came on themselves back when Bill Cosby told young black men to pull up their pants. They are racist, misogynist and homophobic, and desperately need a minority shield. A gay telling blacks to stay in their place. It’s a wet dream for some of them. Don’t fall for it though. This is nothing but a show.

    2. “He’s the new Milo Yiannopoulos”. Yes, he is just the latest incarnation of miserable,hateful, shit excuses for human beings like the aformentioned. But as with Miss Milo, we must do what we did before: observe, learn from our observation, and starve them of attention. No platform, no relevance. Eventually, these demons behead themselves because hate consumes the hater.

  9. These ppl kill me.
    A: no one invited them to it
    B: it’s WAY WAY older than gay pride
    C: fuck them

  10. “Juneteenth isn’t a thing” b/c mainstream white America is just now “discovering” it, just like microbraids, hot combs, twerking, soul music, etc. Things that have been known and uniquely part of black culture. Next Kwanzaa won’t “be a thing” until the mainstream wants to “discover” it. The problem is that ppl like this see it as something new and thus taking away from the spotlight of the issues that they’re close to. It’s not like June is solely dedicated to gay pride and is a month that is for no other purpose. It’s not like Juneteenth is only a single day in the month of June. This kind of talk only serves to try and further divide ppl when it could be used to maybe highlight ppl who fall into both communities.

  11. Slavery ended no more than at least 160 years ago. Wake up please. Know that as a white male, gay or nah, you have privilege. Your ancestors, killed, whipped, and broke our backs and the natives of this land to build the foundation you call home. Side note, also your ancestors weren’t gay that’s how you are here today to have to freedom to write about stupid and selfish shit, the fuq outta her.

    1. This shows how some whites gays don’t see blacks as part of the community. Black people are a part of the gay community too. He like a lot of people think pride is for white men, and all others are an afterthought to be tolerated.

        1. This year is the year where everything is coming to light. All of the nastiness and the hatred that was slightly vailed is being uncovered. People feel comfortable being themselves and some people have shown they are trash down to the core. This year is hard, but I wonder if we will be better off as a nation in the long run because of the year.


          1. ^you are absolutely right.

            everyone who can’t contain their wickedness or disgusting ways are showing who they really are.
            this year seems like a purge.

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