saucy santana is accused of touching a child at a pool

we are gonna go “there” tonight.
so there is this disgusting stereotype that gay males are child molesters.
i don’t know how that started,
but it’s really sick.

Child molesters can come in all sexuality,
male or female.

just because gay males are attracted to other males,
i’m confused where kids come in.
well reality star and rapper,
saucy santana,
was accused of touching a child at a pool.
it got so bad that security was called…

which lead him to make this response on ig:

 in my head,
i think a homophobic jackal made up that lie to get him and his people out the pool.
it could be possible it happened,
but where is said child who made the accusations?
that’s just my idea on the situation because it seems to make no sense.
it leads me to a question for the foxhole like the tweet said…

Why does society push child molestation and pedophilla onto the gay community?

it’s really a disgusting and hurtful lie.
it was even like that in barbados when i was growing up.
my family didn’t want me around accused “bullards” in fear they’d rape me.
in some instances,
there are sick individuals out here,
but many gay males aren’t fiending for children.

i want some of you to be careful around people’s kids.
i’m not fonting you’ll do something horrific,
but you don’t know what evil lies in some of these parents.
they will accuse you of something that could damage your reputation because you’re gay.
i’ve seen it happen before.
look at how they did michael jackson.
stay woke.

see saucy santana’s full video: here

14 thoughts on “saucy santana is accused of touching a child at a pool

  1. Wasn’t he shot for trying straight men at a non gay club something?
    I don’t know what to say about this one…

  2. They are straight up lying on the Santana Dude, because if he really touched a child, especially a black child it would have been a damn Riot up in there with parents trying to fight him, I believe it was just some people who had a problem with gay men in that pool and lied. I did not know that so many gay dudes have the same testimony when it comes to children. This pedophilia theme is so prevalent in the Black community to this day. I still am hesitant about doing anything that involves me being one on one with children, I was begged by a close female friend to do big brothers and sisters and I just kept making excuses, I just did not want to be put in a position of someone saying anything about me inappropriately touching their child even though I would never do anything like this, I worry that Str8 people know that they can accuse gay men of this behavior and it will stick, even though the majority of the sexual abuse stories usually involve heterosexual family members of children. One of my friends in education was falsely accused by a mother of one of his students of being inappropriate after the student confided in how his mother was physically abusing him and he tried to help the student, she turned it around on him and reporting him to the school and he was suspended while they launched an investigation, he ended up leaving even after he was found innocent due to the embarrassment. He is now teaching at a college. Sad that so many of us could mentor young men to be better but we have to worry if somehow someone found out we were gay they would use our sexuality against us.

  3. Well…i think the notion was heavily perpetuated back in the day when someone would “come out.” They would say that they had been molested as a child and as a result, they had same sex attractions. Especially in church, omg it someone came out as gay it was as if they HAD to say they got it from somewhere (because being gay isn’t natural but a choice 🙄)

    So people would be very careful to keep gays away from kids because gay men turn innocent children into gays. I’ve always hated this school of thought because it gave people the idea that being gay is some choice when it’s not. It gave some men a pass like it wasn’t their choice that they were “like that” but it made me feel like I was crazy to have the same attractions and not have any molestion story to blame it on.

    1. He’s extra AF, but I believe him without a doubt. I remember cringing at a barbershop one day, because one of the barbers equated homosexuality to pedophilia, basically saying loudly and wrongly that they’re the same exact thing. I was infuriated that someone could be so asinine, but one of the other barbers checked him and told him they’re no where near related. But it just goes to show you how some of us are perceived. I don’t even like kids like that, so it’s slight work for me to keep my distance. Love babies though.

  4. yup my cousin wanted me to babysit her son and I didn’t mind cause I love kids but my OTHER cousin gonna say to her “I wouldn’t let no gay nigga watch my kid” and my other other cousin came back and told me. I wasn’t even sexually active and I was only 17 I felt so bad I started telking everyone that I hate kids and don’t want them near me. And that wasn’t the 1st example of this it was the final one. If I don’t go near them I can’t be accused of shit.

  5. A hex on him if this is true. Deviants like him hide under gay. He is why I’m afraid to lose contact with my nieces and nephews if I came out to my family. May he be dealt with.

  6. I hate this situation! I took my brothers baby mama daughter with me to the store and we apparently took too long and they made jokes like he not going to touch her if it was a boy I would be worried. I was so mad. That’s why I stay to myself

  7. I’m so tired of people trying to push this narrative on us when 98% of child molesters identify as heterosexual. My sister’s boyfriend and I had an argument years ago when this pussy said during an argument he didn’t like the fact I was close with my niece and nephew. He continued to talk and even stated that he told my sister to watch me around them and my sister responded to me that she cussed him out when he said it. But at the time it wasn’t enough for me because she stayed with him for 5years. I told her he only hated me because he was gay. Then it came out recently he’s messing with gay Men. Society wants to make gays as if we’re an alien race trying to kidnap or influence these babies when we’re just trying to live our lives without fail

    1. ^what???!??!?!?!?!?!?!

      omg what an asshole.
      i love that his karma came back in that exposure.
      people are so ignorant and love to throw their own bullshit on you.

  8. I work with children for 10 years and never been accused of touching them the wrong way but it’s sad they’ll make up stuff. There are sick ppl out there that’ll make a bold face lie on you just because. Sick society we live in.

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