stop stalking me

its one thing to watch someone you’re interested in on social media.
i’m guilty of this.
we all are.
in this social media forest,
if the person’s page is public,
you can pretty much witness the peep show that is “their life“.
we wake up and go to bed with you.
we know what you like to eat and where you work out.
we know when you’re single and when you’re in a relationship.
with enough sleuthing,
we can figure out whose cheeks you’re clapping/clapping your cheeks.
it’s all good when it’s on your phone or laptop,
but when someone starts getting obsessed and it’s takes it offline

…that’s where the problem is born.
cutie and attentionisto,
mar’lo poindexter,
has a stalker.
he addressed it on his ig stories
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