MCM (Let Me Watch U)

tumblr_static_wolflush11“i wait for you to come online.
to tweet.
post a picture.
to say something.
i watch from afar,
but i feel like i know you.
i think about you all the time.
you actually make me so hot.
you know how many times i imagined you eatin’ me?
fuckin’ me?
more times that i can count.
i don’t even know you,
but i like you.
i just know your name.
nothing else…”

being online has given us the opportunity to crush a lot harder.
i know it has for me.
instead of seeing this wolf on the street,
and holding onto the mental snap shot,
i can now head to his instagram and screen shot his image.
he doesn’t even have to fuck my brains out.
i can look at his shirtless pictures and use my imagination.
the thing is that these images of the wolves i want,
we want,
are allowing us to live vicariously through a fantasy.
this new age of being legal stalkers is easier than having the person 4real.
ya know…
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