Ding Dong, The Bitch Is Gone (House of Cards)

85d8ccf984dc1144c75b31145d23c45ethis is for my “house of cards” foxhole.
zoe barnes.
one word: ugh.
i hated her.
this is going to contain a major spoiler.
if you never watched the show,
then don’t even click below.
head to netflix so we can talk about it.
for those who watch then proceed

am i the only one that was glad she died?

WJplOp4omg she was so annoying.
i knew she had to go,
but i didn’t think so soon!
first she wanted to work with francis,
then she let janine get in her ear about congressmen,
and then she was working against him trying to bring him down.
when you have a connect feeding you stories,
don’t try to bring down your source.
francis set her up real nice tho.
the burner phone to text her
making her erase all his messages/contact info.
i know one thing
when she got pushed onto the tracks,
i legit screamed:


my rewind button now is broke.
onward to the next episode in the second season!
bye bye zoe.

h8Krn7eyou will NOT be missed.

lowkey: this show makes me wonder…
how many people are killed in hollywood/politics because of their mouths?
its all good to try and out someone until your ass turns up dead.
death: ruled suicide/accident.
reality: murdered.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Ding Dong, The Bitch Is Gone (House of Cards)”

  1. I told you. The Underwoods are calculating. Claire is so poised. Did you see Francis’ old relationship with his old classmate? And Zoe had to go. But Frank DID THAT. Killed that bitch. Down to the Cathedral Height Metro. Im glad you like it. Gets better.

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