Kanye Has A Message For Everyone

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this is kanye’s alleged message to everyone in the video.
maybe us who are scared for life.
well i guess kanye told them.
i’m sure taylor swift will take him up on his offer.

lowkey: can anyone really sue him?

3 thoughts on “Kanye Has A Message For Everyone

  1. Kanye West just keeps finding new ways for me to loathe his existence. I just cannot stand the type of arrogance and narcissism this man proudly displays. And it seems I can’t hide from seeing his ugly face or him name on the internets. This story was even on political blogs I visit. God truly does not exist if this clown can enjoy fame, wealth and notoriety 😡

  2. I don’t think they can, they’re all public figures, >> Incorrect harmful statements published about a public figure cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for defamation unless there is proof that the writer or publisher intentionally defamed the person with malice (hate). <<. I guess when you're a celebrity anyone can say anything about you as long as you can't prove they're just haters lmao

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