“You’re A Monster Because You Didn’t Attend Pride”

tumblr_mars2pSsDz1qcopsao1_500so i was talking to a foxholer on one of my socials today.
we were discussing someone being personally offended they didn’t attend ny pride.
according to them,
the animal said:

“oh you can be gay,
but you can’t go show love at pride?
what are you?

this was coming from a straight vixen who was going.
the foxholer,
who is more discreet,
felt they may have been doing something wrong because they didn’t go to pride.

i would have told that animal:

“shut your fuckin’ mouth”


…with a lot of love attached to it.
going to pride doesn’t make you any more or less:

happy with yourself

going to pride is a choice.
its the same choice as:

carribeans who don’t attend the labor day parade
spanish that don’t attend their countries parades
skipping on the thanksgiving day parade but eating turkey for dinner

personally i don’t go to those things.
it’s just not my thing.
i’m not a fan of crowds and i gravitate to more low-key events.

don’t let anyone bully you into feeling guilty you don’t attend pride.
make them feel guilty they’re so upset about it.

Is it wrong to feel like this?

let me know.
i think animals who chose to live their lives more discreetly,
or maybe even more dl,
tend to get flack about not attending their cities pride events.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on ““You’re A Monster Because You Didn’t Attend Pride”

  1. I’m not DL or discreet and I don’t attend the prides down here in the A. Its mostly for the same reason you posted above and I really don’t have any gay friends to go with. Not saying you need some to go but I think it would alot more fun if I did go.

    I’ve my straight friends look at me like me being gay automatically means I’m into all aspects of my community.

  2. Honestly I don’t even feel safe enough to attend those events right now, people are losing their damn mind in 2016. I’d rather go to a house party or a less busy club right now.

    1. House Party’s have my name on it! So long as I’m personally close to them, I’m down! Crowds? Forget it! Too many opportunities for stupidity.

      I feel you!

  3. absolutely. I get this all the time from my straight friends because although I came out a few years ago my personality is more lowkey. like you don’t get to police my expression or dictate my pride as if I don’t know the complexity behind being colored and gay in this country. trust bih … I’m IN this all day every day. do you. maybe I’ll get to the parade one day and maybe I won’t. I’m sure the parade is nice but today my comforter is nicer… #SorryForThatVent

  4. I am tired of men in this lifestyle forcing their lives on others. Everyone in this life is not the same, and any person who believes otherwise is clearly not living in reality. In this case, the ones who are up in arms about people not wanting to go to pride are the dudes who are out of the closet and live more freely. As I have said many times on here, I really do not like being around a lot of people. No, I do not go to pride or gay clubs, but at the same time, I do not go to straight clubs or large gatherings either. So what does that mean? It means my choice not to attend gay functions has nothing to do with the level of comfort I have within myself.

  5. Going to Pride means nothing! It’s amusing how the gays describe it like its heave on earth lol

    It means even less than nothing to straights, as I know plenty of straight people that go here in Houston for the food, but will vote against any gay without a second thought lol

    1. Nothing at all. I guess going to pride is rewarded with something in the minds of some. I will celebrate my sexuality in my own home.

      1. With several dudes with round asses, a Weeknd Mixtape playing with heavy bass, red lights, and a kiddie pool full off skittles.

  6. This seems to me like a modern gay issue because my thoughts are what were gay people doing before there was ever such a thing as gay pride parades it’s very silly and so trivial the gays need more than a parade if ya ask me how bout just keeping straight people off ya ass that’s more important lol!

  7. I have went to a Pride parade before in my city, and it was very white oriented, and I said never again. It was a Hot Ass Mess and I didnt see anything but a bunch of men in barely there costumes and Drag Queens and I was like so they are proud of this. It was a lot of I guess progressive Str8 Whites there with their children. I would not bring my kids to nothing like this, the behavior I observed was offensive and disgusting and definitely not a place children under 16 should even be. You had HIV/AIDS organization on floats throwing out condoms, and behind them, strippers in thongs gyrating and selling a message of sex, sex and more sex. It was all so ironic. It seemed to be a big festival for drinking and cruising and nothing more. The majority of Blacks who attend are into the snow and will look down or away when they are with their white friends/partners to keep from even acknowledging you. The white dudes seem to be full of themselves as they think being in crowds gives them the opportunity to touch you, feel you up or grab on you, and when you check their ass they want to make you look like the bad guy. I have a black friend who lives for this time of the year and he goes all over the country attending different pride events, but he is into white men so I guess that is why he enjoys going, all his stories are about his many conquest and mind you, he is in a relationship, sometimes the partner goes and sometimes not, but I guess they have an open relationship and tolerate such foolishness. Black pride events usually dont have any parades and are mostly for profit parties and a excuse for whores to come together from all over the country to meet each other and hook up. The straights seem to like to come to these events because they have such an over the top circus atmosphere to them, but I really dont see them leaving having more respect or standing up for gays after they attend one. Miss me with all this fuckery and foolishness call Pride.

  8. So today I had the opposite of what the foxholer experienced. One of my friends berated me for attending pride this year. And to be honest, I attended the the NY pride this year only as a show of support for what happened in Orlando. But what I can say is that the original spirit and intent for pride festivities are lost. Some of the outfits I saw were downright outlandish to say the least. Guys with outfits with their ass hanging out, onesies covering nothing but their dick. It was disgusting. Some gays use the time for one massive cruising session. Then you have the some of the straights peddling illegal wares (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Today would be my last pride in a long while though. Next year, I’ll be attending the private events instead of the parade/”celebrations”.

  9. Sorry but I just see “Pride” as a weekend/day where whores get the luxury to link up together and swap fluids with each other. Nothing more, nothing less.

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