Quincy Chad Is Orange, New, Black, and Fine


“he could jack hammer me anytime.”
so i’m minding my business,
watching “orange is the new black”,
and ^this fine black wolf walks right into a scene.
his name is mr. mcdonald.

“hi mr. mcdonald”

well i paused the episode to do some foxhole work.
i always get my wolf.

…meet quincy chad.
he is:

220 lbs
nationality: trinidadian
resides: new yawk

current position: actor/work out warrior wolf
past positions: football
here are some shots of quincy:


i would love a piece of that trini meat for dinner.
congrats on the exposure #oitnb brought upon you quincy.
many more opportunities to cum come!

*photo and video credits: quincy chad | lafleurfoto | orange is the new black | imbd

learn more about quincy: trinidad carnival diary

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Quincy Chad Is Orange, New, Black, and Fine

  1. Finally! A Trini representing!! 😀 He’s fine!

    The first video is from Flama, some of their videos are really funny XD

  2. Those muscles, strong jaw line, that big ass nose, and he seems like he funny too, can he be sent my way.

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