the monster you’re creating is going to ruin you

one of my jobs i worked at,
this one jackal who was a “jason mitchell“.
he’s the acting jackal from “the chi” who was recently banished.
well my “jason mitchell” was the boss’s favorite.
he did “a good job” in her eyes.
uh huh.
he was attractive and she was fiending for a massive dick down.
a whole nother story.
either way,
i witnessed him…

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“You’re A Monster Because You Didn’t Attend Pride”

tumblr_mars2pSsDz1qcopsao1_500so i was talking to a foxholer on one of my socials today.
we were discussing someone being personally offended they didn’t attend ny pride.
according to them,
the animal said:

“oh you can be gay,
but you can’t go show love at pride?
what are you?

this was coming from a straight vixen who was going.
the foxholer,
who is more discreet,
felt they may have been doing something wrong because they didn’t go to pride.
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Imagine you meet a Wolf and he pulls a BIG ASS DICK out his pants????
Jesus Christ Almighty

On some ol “Sooo… where you tryna put THAT?” shit.

I feel I’d have too

… just to take it!


Pretty to look.
Nice to touch.
But is it wise to have that pipe in your guts?

The problem with the owners of weapons like that
is that they do not know HOW to use it correctly.
How many Foxes have had a BIG ASS DICK cum inside and he just lay there?
OR, he shoved it in like he had no common courtesy?
And it is worse when your Velvet Walls are Ziploc tight.
I’ve had to punch a nigga or two for their lack of respect on my Foxhole.
I understand you want to fuck me but there are precautions you need to take.

Eat me and finger me GOOD

Slide it in SLOWLY

Repeat steps #1

When you get half way ask me, “Are you ok?”

Pull it out and repeat #1 and #3

Grind it in and beat it up AFTER I’m loosened up

Hand me an ice pack and a cushion after you nut

As much as I like a BIG ASS DICK,
I think it’s better to suck on it and massage it.
Maybe even use it as a pillow or a baton to club niggas over the head with.
Throw money at it and watch it dance.
I do not know how my Foxes in relationships with BIG ASS DICKS do it.

I remember this one dude I use to talk to,
sent me a picture of his dick and it was halfway to his knee…


we never spoke again.

On brighter news,
I hear most athletes are not packing.
besides Kellen Winslow.
I hear his dick is a MONSTER and I’m not talking Kanye.

*crosses him off my list*



THIS is Fox Talk ONLY.

You ever look in the mirror and cringed when you saw yourself?
You thought you were ugly or just a monster (and not Kanye)?
You could not understand why someone like you was single?

I hear a lot of my Foxes out there saying they are ugly.
ALOT of Foxes have very low self-esteem even though they have the brightest fur.

Well this is for you…

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