Are My Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids Okay?

I hope everyone is okay out there.
Check in to let me and everyone know you are good.

Quick Fox Tips:

– Make sure you have more canned goods than refrigerator goods.
– Make sure you have water
-On higher levels, make sure your windows are taped up in case of strong winds.

– Make sure phone and computer battery is charged.
– Try to keep off your internet on your phone, in case power goes out kills battery.
-Have 20 dollars on you, just in case.
– Have water in pots and pans in case water goes out.
– Have a bag packed, in case they tell you to “PEACE OUT!”.
– Stay your nosy ass away from the window.
– If you are having all weekend fuck fest (i secretly hate you lol), WEAR CONDOMS.

Love you guys and stay safe!

20 thoughts on “Are My Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids Okay?

  1. Im in N’awlins and we are safe. This never even approached us. My Brooklyn is safe. Thx for checking.

  2. I’m glad that bitch Irene already left us but now I ain had electricity from Thurs 5am…it was Category 4 passing by us down here….hope u guys be safe up there on the East Coast!

  3. I’m far enough from the coast to where I’m not getting hit *pittsburgh, pa* really, but we’re supposed to maybe feel winds. I have family out where its supposed to be bad though.

  4. We’re okay so far, I’m staying in a hotel downtown tonight, so I’m good. Vain, you wanna stop by? Lol

    But who is thirsty enough to go out in this weather? That’s crazy. If only consider it for some good, established booty…where I don’t mind staying the night (memories…lol).

      1. Nawl, I had to work, so instead of going home, they put my up in a room for the night. 🙂

  5. It’s 8pm and all is well here in Ct at the present moment- Nothen to serious yet – thanks for Foxx’s guideline safety tips…peace!

  6. I got a well stocked disaster kit, only thing missing is a wolf/fox/hybrid to keep me company. Anyone out there near 145th Riverside? JK 🙂 As long as my lights, cable, and internet stay on, I’ll be cool.

    1. ^^who are you tellin boo!
      A Wolf right now would have hit the spot …. (in more ways than one)

      i am sure every wolf, fox, and hybrid is on every chat site.

  7. That gif is definitely how i feel. Been through many hurricanes before and this is only a Category 1. It’ll probably hit the DMV while we’re all asleep so hopefully we’ll wake to electricity and, more importantly, internet and phone service lol.

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