Let’s Talk About The Interview


was almost late.
i couldn’t find the building.
the thing with new yawk streets,
the actual address might be around the corner.
so you might be going to “jones street”,
but the actually entrance could be around the block.
thank god for google maps.
how did animals find shit before then?

when i got into the office,
i noticed how nice the decor was.
the view was also amazing from the conference room.
it was a much smaller office than the one i’m in now…

the snow bunny who interviewed me was pretty.
she looked tired,
but she was trying to fit all her interviews in.
as we were walking into the conference room,
she told me how the shoes she was wearing were hurting her feet.
she got them from zara.
i’m not kidding.
that is how she started out.
so i told her i was surprised about zara’s shoes being uncomfortable.
i bought a few pairs of shoes from there and it was no issue.

well after that it was on.

we spent the whole interview just talking about:


i schooled her on game on how to get a good deals.
she took notes as she observed me.
it was one of the most laid back interviews i ever went to.
when we got to the interview portion,
she liked my answers to the questions.
the job duties come in waves throughout the day.
i will be the assistant to her.
she is the assistant to the ceo.
if others need help,
since there are only like 12 or so employees,
i will be there to provide.
i’ll be sent to:

get coffee
order and get the lunch for the staff
other things that come up within the office

sometimes it can get calm and she doesn’t mind down time.

the pay is crazy
knicks basketball tickets if ceo doesn’t want them
catered lunch daily
access to company car if i have to stay late

Cp62j1qi was completely sold.
she told me it’s a very detailed oriented job tho.
so everything needs to written and presented correctly.

i was a little worried because of that.
“very detailed and presented correctly”.
i started to overthink about failing miserably.
from what she was telling me sounded very overwhelming,
but she assured me it was not as hard as it sounds.

the interview was at 3pm.
i left at 530pm.
we were chatting and laughing like we knew each other for years.
she started talking like i got the job,
but we sha’ll see.
i sent her a “thank you” email licikity split this morning.
the problem is got so used to this job i’m at now,
that leaving it to go somewhere else seems so scary to me.
to make matters worse,
one of the vps i work with introduced me to some clients today.

“they speak only good things about you jamari.
i said i needed to meet you.
you are a celeb around here.

keep up the good work.”

…and here i am trying to bounce.


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25 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Interview”

  1. Congratulations. That’s the fear of the unknown talking. I heard nothing but reasons to take the job. Don’t go looking for reasons to stay when God is answering your prayers

      1. Comments and praise are one thing, but if they’re not acting on the “good job” that you do…take it to where it would be appreciated. I’m so glad to hear that interview went so well!
        Hopefully they make you an offer soon!

  2. Tony is right that is the fear talking but I think fear can be a good thing if used right. It keeps us on our toes at times. Just don’t let it keep you from an great opportunity.use the good and bad experiences from the job you’re at now when you do get this new gig

  3. Where you be finding these .gifs from?!?!? Lol I have absolute faith in you and your capabilities. I get the nervousness though. I had a work dinner last night with a chef I have worked closely with at some events in the city and today I get a call saying that I was referred to plan an event by her! I’ve worked events, but never PLANNED. “When you truly want something, the universe will conspire in order for you to have it.” It is yours if you are bold enough to claim it. The foxhole is rooting for you!!!

  4. I’m glad things went well in that interview. Good job sending the follow up thank you. Now I hate to be that guy, but I must know if you are considering whether that job comes with health insurance or dental and such. If not you might want to start scouting out independent plans for yourself. Still I hope that you get the job and that it is good to you and that it opens doors for you to get to the future you are truly meant to have. From your description I can see that these animals are seeing your bright and shiny fur. Hope they appreciate it more than the ppl at the swamp that is your job now. And of course the ppl at the swamp are showing you off, you’re the vibrant forest animal they want ppl to know their company for.

  5. Split leave that joke of a job. I tell you, finding the location job hunting is nail biting especially if the place is connected to a cookie cutter area. I’m glad you guys developed a connection and good energy that what you need.

  6. Sup bro? Once you get the official offer for the new job, you should try and see if you current job will boost you up to something competitive. Maybe even something better. Who knows? Maybe they’ll show you how much they need you. If not then fuck em! Move on to the new new gig. You gave them your best. They’re survive.

    1. ^i don’t even want to stay with them any longer billy.
      the fear had me stuck,
      but as i continue to work there,
      every day i find myself feeling trapped in a cage of comfortable.
      as much as fear is talking,
      im beyond ready to bounce.

  7. Get the hell out of dodge Jamari. Let me tell you a little story…A year ago June 2015, I worked for a company that was draining my positive outlook. The pay was miserable, I was under a moron as a manager, and I prayed daily “Lord, please don’t let me punch anyone in their face today. Amen”. My older brother passe and the day I returned from his funeral I was called into the big boss’ office. “We have to put you on probation”. I asked no questions, I just signed the shit. Reflecting, I remember being so numb after that. But that day I made sure I started improving my output to get off of probation, but also started giving zero fucks. I worked on my resume AT work. Listened to music. Watched porn. And used up all my PTO for interviews. Sooo many interviews. So in August, my recruiter (who I cursed out a few times) sends a possible fit. I hesitated. Almost didn’t go. But I went. Greatest decision. God answered my prayers. And I hit it. Gave a five day notice. Double my former salary. Catered lunch. Stock options. And a host of other perks. My old co workers gave the “we’ll miss you. Come back and visit”. I hit my accelerator so hard dust flew. Wrapping up…God will always have your back. Oprah told my graduating class that 9 years ago and I still keep is as my mantra.

    1. Aw Mac sorry about your loss of your brother. These jobs really be trying it, the day when you get back from your brother funeral is sickening and not to put race in it but fuck it, us African American brothers have it so hard out here. We can do everything right, be on time, never call out, and still get mistreated. While others get by, by just doing the minimum and still get rewarded. Glad your at a happy place now with your career, I’m trying to get there now sigh.

    2. ^im sorry to hear about your older brother mac!
      i agree with you on the no fucks tho.
      once a job is over in your mind,
      you start rebelling low key.
      i love that “God will always have your back” mantra.
      will use it in my own life as well!

  8. Fingers crossed I really hope you get it buddy. This job sounds really good and I think your the man for it. Jamari don’t let negative thoughts run through your mind, and think your not good enough or don’t let compliments from the vps make you change your mind about leaving. You need to go and don’t look back.

  9. Congratulations, Jamari, on the interview! An interview lasting from 3 to 5:30 is a good sign. People like working with people who make them comfortable. Sounds like the two of you really hit it off. It’s only natural to get butterflies when taking on something new. Glad you’re not allowing yourself to be bamboozled by your current company showing you off to clients; they’ve always done that. Sending good vibrations your way.

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