why is he making everyone mad on twitter?

hair goals.
beard goals.
face goals?

Why is this wolf so special?

well according to some on twitter,
he is ugly.
i have been seeing him all over my twitter tl.
it started with this:

…and it went to hell from there.
^read that twitter thread for more understanding.
all i saw was tweets slandering his looks for whatever reason.
i had to wonder if he was being an asshole or something.
this is just one example of what i was seeing…

this was his before:

and this is his after:

i’m like…

What is going on????

i mean…
when you upload anything and it goes viral,
the social media community will have something to font.
he’s an attractive wolf that knows he is.
don’t they all?
he wouldn’t be my first choice in a wolf,
but i’d give him a shot.
i’m lost as to why he has a lot of folks upset out here.

Can any of the Twitter foxhole fill me in?

picture source: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “why is he making everyone mad on twitter?”

  1. Not active on Twitter so I have no answers.

    But… the dude is sexy to me. And… if they don’t want him, I’ll slam dunk him tonighttttt! And… pull on that hair. Lol

    I like a lil something to hold onto, so the before pic alright with me too. Got to have some meat on the bones.

    1. Doesn’t he? I think he’s a pretty little thing and whether he has that dad body or is leaner, he’s still a cutie. That head of hair is also sexy. To me, at least.

  2. Not active on Twitter so I don’t have an answer.

    But… the dude is sexy. And… if they don’t want him, I’ll slam dunk him tonightttt! And… pull on that hair. Lol

    I like a lil something to hold onto, so the before pic is alright with me too. Got to have some meat on the bones. Lol.

  3. Women are intimidated by him because he is too attractive and not rough around the edges. Very few women can handle a dude with a clearer, better complexion than them without makeup lol

    He’s not even fat and he could easily get in the gym and get a body, but when you have perfect teeth, hair, skin like him you don’t need a body like that 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  4. I don’t see anything special about him tbh. I just look at him like every other dude who take tons of pictures of themselves. Cute at glance, but annoying after awhile.

    He’s not ugly. CUTENESS calls me, character captures me. I’mma need more than smiling & a transformation pic with a Lifetime bio to make me impressed. If he is intellectual and humble he would be perfect!

    Not sounding mean though. On a good note, he looks fine as before. I also like men with a little more weight on them too compared to gym-rats.

    That one girl was rude though.

    Like girl, so what, my bf play MK a lot…(though I turn a blind eye to anything fast food..). Some of these hos always talking bout what they can’t and won’t accept. B*tch, you ready to voice your opinion but ain’t got no options.

    Talking about being in the mirror. As long as your man value you and is not abusive and narcissistic you shouldn’t have no problems, Sis.

    Obtain a man, before you try to berate one…

    1. “…& a transformation pic…”

      Juicing… for 17 days. Not even a whole cycle. He ain’t done nothing but lost a little water weight as the body cannibalizes itself. A burger or two and that’d be undone in a flash. TF.

      Why is he acting like he did something?

      He’s not ugly at all, but he is looking hella pretentious but literally a dime a dozen on social media. Trying to figure out what this one would stand out for any single reason at all.

      1. Not for certain. Twitter politics are weird. I really don’t see anything revolutionary about him. I don’t know him but the pics posted on the post makes me not think too much of him with his needless ranting.

        Maybe he is doing ctoss promo since he tagged those other dudes in his posts?

        Now he could be ugly if he is one of those dudes that look down on people. That will make a man ugly quick.

  5. He has a youtube. Bad pics cause he’s handsome. He’s obsessed with his hair tho. Maybe he let himself go a little but the juice thing looks like a stomach full finesse to me.

  6. Nothing about this dude screams cocky or arrogant like the other dudes y’all worship day in and day out lol

    He might be goofy sure, but not cocky or arrogant. Lol

  7. He looks good for being on a juicing regimen. Now, he should go to a gym and tone up his physique. There was no justification for the rude comments on Twitter. I checked the account that posted his picture and this dude is really messy. It is sad people have the unmitigated gall to post garbage like that. I believe he is sexy in his own way. To each his own.

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