don’t you dare give me an “arbys” gift card for tricking

i love a generous john.
the ones that truly think about what you’d like during sponsorship.
i also love when homophobic church folks get caught tf up in full gay shit.

It gives me clear skin

barry cole poyner,
elder at “church of christ” in missouri,
is a john who allegedly loved giving out gifts and gift cards for services rendered.
too bad for him tho…

He got arrested for it.

this is what a foxhholer sent me via “the post“…

A Missouri church leader allegedly tried to pay for sex on the gay hookup app Grindr — with an Arby’s card, according to a report.

Using the handle “DILF,” Barry Cole Poyner, 57, allegedly tried to bed hot college-age guys by offering to pay for gas, clothes and roast beef sandwiches, police told the Kirksville Daily Express.

The Church of Christ elder — who is also a professor at nearby Truman State University — was busted after a student reported him and a cop went undercover on the app, according to the paper.

Poyner allegedly sent the officer a message saying he “would love to have a sugar daddy relationship” —then offered to fill up his gas tank in exchange for sexual favors on Dec. 3, according to the paper. If the younger guy was willing, Poyner said, he “might throw in an Arby’s card LOL.”

Instead, Poyner was greeted by officers at the gas station, where he tried to flee, according to the paper.

When he was pulled over a few blocks away, he allegedly told police he “was not doing anything with a minor” and was only “trying to help” by offering gifts to men on the app.

He was charged with patronizing prostitution and faces up to six months behind bars.

it’s a shame he got snitched out.
he was the perfect mark to run them pockets.
i don’t do “arbys”,
because that’s just insulting,
but i’d definitely fuck with chipotle” on some days.
this is after he was paying my rent and keeping me “crute“.

i really need these homophobic church folks to stay quiet in their bags.
they always out here screaming why being gay is a sin,
but most of them get caught up looking for prime beef to fill them up.
it’s really not that critical,
but i love fonting about it.
proceed if you must homophobes!
we love to see it.

article cc: post

6 thoughts on “don’t you dare give me an “arbys” gift card for tricking

  1. Zaxbys and Rally’s (Checkers) are on point. Come down to Nola and even the Popeyes tastes different. I haven’t had Arby’s in forever, I was only for them for their curly fries but I can make those at home so Arby’s is dust.

    Wassup with these church folk and their gay ways? I once remember reading a strong about all the ministers and pastors being secretly gay and fvcking each other. Heard it was a whole little “cult.” I wouldn’t be surprised. Most of them are fake anyways. My aunt was dating a DL pastor…She didn’t know but I knew…Glad she got rid of him eventually.

    Can’t get past the Cancer intuition baby. 🙅🏽‍♂️🦀

  2. I can just see it now. The Church Announcements is sending prayers to his family for him sending “gifts” for the holidays and the devil wants to shame this holy man. That or they will completely have a board meeting to have him removed from the church. If he thought he could use his holy title to get him out of doing wrong, he is a contradiction to what he stands for. I dislike religious topics because its a contradiction altogether. Sin is an abomination, period. No sin is greater than the next. Yet the homophobes in church quick to say homosexuality is an abomination in GOD’s eyes. The same bible also says that whosoever believes that Jesus Christ died for our sins and transgressions shall have eternal life. You repent your sins before GOD and the gates to heaven awaits you. Yet in the same bible it says that Jesus taught everyone to love each other. It meant that in both forms. Truly, because if certain people were born gay, who made them that way if he who creates all life created them that way. The bible is a representation of what GOD said but it has been translated so many times and his words have been taken out of context to fit what “they” believe he said. That’s like Jamari telling one of the foxholers a story and instructs them to pass it around to the first and last follower. By the time that story comes back to Jamari, its going to be a totally different story than what he originally said. True people of GOD do not judge people for what they do sexually or non-sexually because that’s the way of GOD. When so many priests and people in the church get caught up but they know the bible from the front to the back, it makes you think like, if a priest and many like him know GOD still loves them, why can’t I be like that. Even when Judas kissed Jesus he didn’t say a hateful word to him. Let me stop because its going someplace else. Merry Christmas y’all be happy and live your life. That’s wrong to even let Arby’s Gift Card be something you consider to anybody for sexual favors.

  3. Hmmm, does he have a record of being homophobic? The post kind of loops him into that category but provides no proof that he is.

    Just wondering because there are many of “us” in the church hiding our secret. Lol. But all of “us” in the church are not out spewing homophobic hate.

    So, he could’ve just been a “DL/discreet” church gay man who got caught up. Lol.

    1. ^i misread this part:

      “It wasn’t immediately clear if he was still in his leadership role at the Church of Christ, which has made homophobic comments in the past.”

      i thought that read “he” made homophobic comments…

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