Daddy Spread.

I literally have no words today.

Well we all know he is fine.
YES I got harder than Plymouth Rock off these pictures….

On Advice he would give another guy before dating
Be honest about what you are looking to get out of the situation, be frank. A lot of guys sell a woman a dream but that all comes back to haunt you in the end.

On Groupies
Beware of them! it’s hard in my line of work to find somebody that can really be there for you. It’s tough meeting quality females, I’m not at the library you know. I can only really pick from the females I meet at the club.

On if he’s single or taken
I’m always looking to bake a cake with somebody. I’m completely single. I love relationships though, I love beauty and I love a woman who can show off her beauty without being trashy. I like all shades of women and I like a confident woman that can match me. I like excitement and I don’t want to talk about football all day. Impress me with the stuff that you do.

On June 14th you tweeted “no Im not that thuggish, not that ruggish, but I do pack bone” what does that mean?

Well it’s from a Lil Wayne song, but the comment just completely fits me. And the Bone goes Hard.”

…. and there you have it.

Jamari’s Final Thoughts: “Eh.”

…. and I’ll leave it like that.

Later Foxes

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  1. So essentially: don’t meet this man at the library because he’s not going to be there. Learn to bake. And do not talk about football.

    I can do that!!

  2. oh I knew this was the first thing i’d see here this morning.when i first saw the picture yesterday i thought to myself jamari is somewhere cumming as i’m looking at him

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