My Sexy Neighbor

Voyuerism can be so hot.

It’s like, watching someone in the “act” feels so naughty.
The mystery alone can make you go head over heels in an erotic fantasy.
I always loved to watch people fuck.
That is why I cannot get with scripted porn (besides J. Strokes, Flash Brown, and Justin Slayer).
I like to see real people FUCKING.
It turns me on HEAVY.

That is how I left last night, at 3 in the morning, watching my sexy neighbor fuck someone…

There is a dude who lives on my block that drives me crazy. He is definitely my type of brotha as far as the physical is concerned. I do not know him personally, but I remember seeing him earlier last year and the first thing that caught my eye…

Was those juicy pecs that sat up nice and right in his wife beater…

I saw him and dismissed him as a fine dude and kept it moving.
I guess that wasn’t our last meeting.

I have been seeing him off and on for the past few months and Daddy is always looking… broke.
Sexy as hell… but broke.
I mean, I always see him in the same fit.
It is always a wife beater or a white T, various jeans, and same sneakers or Tims.

I mean he is about 6’0, muscular build, hood type dude, chocolate brown skin.
His face appears to be handsome from afar.

Daddy looks right… the pockets aren’t though.

Definitely not someone I would “Daddy” material… but fuck material.

Sidebar: when it comes to dick, dick has no financial limit. You are fucking him, not his wallet…. unless you are a gold digger bottom. That’s a whole nother topic.

Anyway, I would admire from afar, often wondering where he lived in the building infront of mine. Two months ago, I saw his sexy shirtless ass peering through from a window almost adjacent to mine.

I would catch myself looking through his window, seeing him walking around without a shirt on. The pecs also came with abs, a strong muscular back, and nice nipples.

I would masturbate constantly to the thought of me and him in some fantasy situation. I was getting turned out by a man I don’t even know and probably would never want to know. The fantasy was just driving me wild.

Last night, around like 11, I saw him bring some girl into his apartment as I was coming in. I saw him with other females but the lights always went out when things got good.  I wouldn’t even see them in the room with him. It got to the point I was wondering if he wanted fox tail instead of fish.

I couldn’t sleep so I woke up at like 3am and went to the bathroom.
When I came back, I decided to look out the window.


All I saw was him piping this female into oblivion. The lights were on and I was in a daze. I was literally STUCK. I could not believe what I was seeing. His stroke was so perfect. He was fucking her missionary and her legs were high up in the air. That was all it took for me to start masturbating. I was so turned on that I couldn’t help but to fuck myself.

I came shortly after and after he was done, he turned off the lights and that was it. I wasn’t done. I jerked off 3 more times after that. The last session, I shot so high in the air I thought that nut was going to hit the ceiling.

It was crazy but it was so good. I woke up this morning, feeling like I want more. I feel like I am becoming obsessed with this gorgeous stranger.

I look forward for his next encounter…. or maybe, in some twist of fate, he will be looking forward for mine.

Later Foxes.

3 thoughts on “My Sexy Neighbor

  1. Scripted stuff is ridiculously boring and they always follow the same formula when it comes to sex. Its always like really and uninteresting Bj, then short missionary, long doggy style, short cowgirl/reverse cowgirl… then masturbation to ejaculation. I find that men who watch these things start to follow the same thing. So essentially you’re making porn… no love. But a fine man is a fine man broke or not. And this one sounds like hes no exception. Voyeurism can be hot! But its a slippery slope into stalking lol

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