A Fox or A Wolf?

There is a guy at my job that I would mess with in a heartbeat, besides Mr. Attitude.
BTW: Mr. Attitude is giving me all the right attitude as of late.

He is tall, nice toned body, caramel complected, and has a nice handsome face.
All the girls go crazy over him next to me.

… but I think he is a bottom….

Does this mean I am a lesbian of some sort?

He isn’t OD feminine but he has his moments where you are like, “okay well… okay.”
He is softer and you can tell but then he is masculine.
He walks with one of those recycable grocery bags everyone uses as a bag (mostly girls).
It confuses me because when he gets around me,
you can tell we are attracted to each other.

I would definitely let him get it but i’m scared he wants to get me up in him.
I’m not the type to pick at my meal.
I like my meal to pick me (if you get what I’m saying).
I took it upon myself to introduce so we can stop playing the silly games we play.
You know,
the lookin and the quick glances.
Acting like we are shy when we know we aren’t.
The high school puppy love games….

Fuck that.
Time to be a Wolf in Foxes clothes…

When he shook my hand,
he had some nice big soft hands.
It immediantely turned me on.
Then the way he was looking at me had me feeling some kind of way.

I remember when we were in the elevator together,
he was looking me up and down like a Wolf does to something he likes.
I saw all this out my shades but I know he knows I was watching him.

It confused me because I don’t know if he is a bottom and he thinks I am a top,
or he is a top and he knows I am a bottom.
Or, if he is a vers and he just want Jamari’s cake and ice cream.

Foxes it is so confusing but he looks so good.
I would definitely see me turning him out for what I want.

This is definitely a story that will continue.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “A Fox or A Wolf?”

  1. I like the “pick at my meal” theory. With that being said, I think you should ask him the straight vs. gay icebreaker question….

    Ok, you guys, all together now…

    “Do you have a girlfriend?”


    1. Reggie, it’s like I try to talk to him but he gets so distant. Not distant in a bad way, but shy and flustered. He confuses me. All these games, he is probably a damn bottom…. Or a very calculated top.

      Either way, he needs to come get in some of this good stuff.

  2. This is funny…life’s to short to be shy. If he’s giving you these strong vibes, you should go for him.

  3. He’s either vers or hes a BUTCH QUEEN. BQ’s are tops too but they’re on the softer side of things. I’m sure he’s fine and he probably knows it. I don’t really believe in chasing men whom id want chasing me but it seems like now-a-days its what we have to do. And it only make you a lesbian if the two of you are… bumpin’ purses… and makin’ change…

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