Meat of the Minute: Bernard Berrian

I was flipping through channels and canme across a rerun on Ochocino’s new show.

Well to hell with Ochocino,
because his brown skinned assistant caught my eye!!

Look at those arms!

meet my newest wolf, Bernard Berrian.
He can’t speak right now as he and those beautiful lips are sucking softly on my neck.

Bernard plays for the Minnesota Vikings and next to Adrian Peterson,
I don’t know who I would let hit first.
Bernard has style and some nice booty kissing lips.
A deadly combo for Foxes like us.

Did I mention he plays football?
I’m sure I did somewhere (like you are paying attention lol)
He probably knows how to handle a tight end.

Looks like Will Smith wanted to get a piece too.
I don’t blame you Will!!!
All that chocolate and lips coming at you is damn near memsmerizing.


So check him out on Chad’s retarded show and his twitter:
Tell him Jamari Fox sent you.



Later Foxes.

5 thoughts on “Meat of the Minute: Bernard Berrian

    1. *goes to look again* fellas….. *scrunches face up and squints eyes* yup…. The “snatchiness” of the eyebrows is a go….

      That could be a good sign….. Or a sign of a very pretty man. I’ll put some Foxes on the hunt and see what they come up with.

  1. He’s cute. Never paid that much attention to him before but i just might. He also has some pretty… nice… snatched eyebrows. lol

    1. You made me laugh all the way out with “pretty… nice… snatched eyebrows”. That one video with the cornrows is blatant as hell.

      Maybe he is Fox with a Wolf on his mind…. Although I hope the opposite is the case.

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