They Should Have Shot Him Naked Too


can you guess which baller wolf’s body this is?


I love a baller wolf with style.
of course, victor cruz embodies style, sexy, swagger, and scorpio very well.
so much so,
he is featured in the september issue of GQ.





who wouldn’t let him salsa in their cakes all night?
congrats to his fiancé.
he is definitely a hot piece.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “They Should Have Shot Him Naked Too”

  1. This man..This man is the most beautiful man in the world. Damn his fiance is a lucky lady. Now only does he look good but his personality is on point. God I love him.

    I would vote for him for the most sexiest man alive. Victor could get it anytime and anywhere. I might even let him get the cheeks…….SIKE. LOL

    1. You know you meant that. lol. Don’t shut yourself out so soon. You may end liking it, with the right guy of course. You need an older man to break you in.

      1. Something told me not to type that. LOL I did not mean that, it was just a joke. LOL There isn’t a dude on the planet who would get my ass. I would send Victor away if he wanted it. I might not be able to sleep for a couple of nights after that, but I’ll manage.

      2. Shut up Wolfie. See y’all think I might change my mind cuase I’m young, but I’m telling you I won’t.

      3. Thanks for the plug, BBB. Man and I are the same height, and I’m very skilled with virgins. Plus, since he and YngBlkWolf are so close, we could let Wolfie sit in the next room, if it would make him feel more comfortable. Afterall, we’re like frat brothers here. Nobody would hurt anybody.

  2. While I can’t comment on the “who wouldn’t let him salsa in their cakes all night?” part, I will say that he can teach me how to salsa in his cakes. V Cruz knows he looks good in a fitted/slim fit suit. I need to find him.

  3. Look at those thighs!

    Please believe I have this magazine and when I was reading it at the barbershop I let out a deep sigh when I saw him. Lol

  4. GQ has no damn standard. Any dick can cover GQ, Waka Flocka did it, Wale did it and some many other nobodies. Let him cover Vanity Fair or Men’s Vogue not GQ, GQ is sleazy

  5. I can’t confirm if he has style, but the stylist for this shoot is the bomb! I need every one of those suits ASAP! The complete looks are sooooooooo pulled together. Now I think they are just a tad bit too tight…the fit of the suits make his hips look womanly

    1. Yeah that stylist was not playing. I like seeing his thighs but whoever styled him was probably used to styling white boys with no hips and thighs.

  6. I love Victor Cruz! This brutha is sexy and fine as hell. I’d love to taste him from head to toe and front to back!

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