ya know hybrids and wolves.
i saw this pic and thought about you tonight.
i know you will thank me later


…. ok bye!

lowkey: when did hot rod get that much ass?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (96)”

  1. Nah, maybe another picture would show him in a different light, but as it is, it’s a big NO THANKS here! Its that ‘camp’ look on his face, if I came into the bedroom and saw him giving me that look, not only would I loose any hard on I may be getting, but would actually laugh out loud!

    Oh, and for the record, I’m a ‘gay man’, therefore I’m attracted to men.

  2. Nice ass, but I don’t want to say too much because they could be injections.Those drawls are a turn off though.

    1. Yea they do fuck up his shape. I found a couple of old pics and compared them to the new pics, so they are injections sadly.

      What’s up with niggas getting injections, that shit aint cute.

  3. I remember when I saw him in person at the train station. It was pre-injections. Just not a good look. Carry on.

  4. The ass does look a little out of proportion to his hamstrings. Being an ass man, I can usually spot someone who ran track or played as a running back in football by the voluptuous hamstrings and asses. Even some of the brothers Jamari posts on here, with spectacularly muscular bodies with great legs, often don’t have asses that are that out of proportion to their thighs. That’s what raised a question mark for me. And, I don’t know the hip-hop and porn stars like some of you do.

    On a tip: a guy who works in one of the local hospitals handling insurance claims and who used to workout at my gym, blew my mind when he told me that lots of brothers, as many straight as gay, are getting liposuction and implants in their butts, chests, arms, and even in their calves. Also, a very famous male singer who used to have a fierce body — women still think he’s fine, not so much gay men since we’re harder to please — showed up with his wife at the offices of a prominent doctor who specializes in gluteal enhancements. The doctor’s office, being professional, would not comment. Neither did the singer or his wife. Don’t know who leaked this to the press…could have been someone in the waiting room or someone who saw them going or coming. As I’ve said on here before people are always watching and talking.

  5. Nothing about that picture is appealing to me – and I used to think Hotrod was kinda nice…and those are injections.

  6. It’s weird for some reason was never ever attracted to dude. My dick always said no injection/Injection-less. Never even watched any of his flicks.

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