MEAT (181)

remember him?
check these 2 other mouth watering pics…


Author: jamari fox

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34 thoughts on “MEAT (181)”

  1. …and just when I finished casting out the thirst from the last one smh.

    Is that Rihanna or Ker Hilson in that gif? She stole that move from Chris Brown in the “Take You Down” video. Lol

  2. This dude is gonna be my husband!!!!!!!!! He has to be the most beautiful masculine looking MAN I’ve ever seen. Yall can’t have him; he’s mine!!!

      1. He will let those lips drift right to his ass. Lol wolfie better not be giving up ass and not telling me.

        Dude is bad tho.

      2. What part of kissing & licking indicates hitting? lol

        You go back to working on The Man’s boo-ginity; you’ll have better success 😉

      3. Oh, and I’ve never made it a secret that I like a tongue in me – but don’t get it twisted! lol

        That should be enough for y’all to have nasty thoughts anyway…*shrug*

      4. My ass will never be on a dick and that I can confirm. Wolfie you have done it before, so it would be easier for you to do it again before me. Oh and I’m young, stubborn, and I’m stuck in my ways. So when I say I’m not going to bottom I mean it. 🙂

      1. Lol more of these dudes want to be models than these females these days.

        I’m just doing my part to give them a lil fame and help them blow up on the net and tumbler. I should email them and ask for payment. Lol

        The trainer put his instagram on private because a ton of dudes were liking his fitness model pics. LMAO!

        I literally have a file with thousands of pics and its no fun if I can’t share. lol

  3. @YngBlkWolf: Now that I think about it older dudes bottom better from what I hear. I met this dude my age who fucks nothing but dudes 40 and up and takes pics and videos of it. Thats a little too old for me.

    How old are you Wolf? Lol

    1. He’s just the right age for you. He’s in his early thirties. If you get his ass I want you to demolish and distroy it to pieces.

      1. Oooh I have a thing for dudes in that age range too. They’ve been around the block enough times to know how to make sex an event. Lol

        Wolf, do you wear curve or that first polo cologne too? Say yes! LMAO

      2. and I don’t demolish ass MAN. I wax it like I do a good sportscar…slow and in circles at first, then vigorously and passionately and afterwards I like to admire the shine on that ass!

      3. I have a thing for older guys to. One dude I use to talk to is now 30. Wolfie is the right age for me. I’ll have his legs cocked up to his ears, while I’m thrusting in his ass deep with nice long strokes. LMAO….

    1. ^JAY…
      you figured it out.
      i was the best thing to ever come in his life and dropped him because he couldn’t get his shit together.
      he ain’t been right ever since.


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