mariah carey vs nicki minaj: was mariah actually the issue on the set of american idol?

remember the disaster season of “american idol” that mariah and nicki minaj were on?
oooh weeee,
i felt like i was always updating some nonsense from that set.
we were all excited for nicki and mariah to team up to judge,
but it turned into a whole

it seems like the person we thought was the issue might have been innocent after all…

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dot your “i” and cross your “t” (marvin bienaime)

i think you need to fix what you promised.
so as you know,
marvin bienaime released the pre-order for his nude calendar.
everyone came out in droves with their debit and credit cards.
he promised to release a code at 9pm to access a fully nude model.

^this was the model in question.
so folks waited,
and waited,
and waited,
annnndddddd allegedly….
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the issue isn’t with you, miss lady (the issue is he’s gay and doesn’t want vagina)

he might just be gay.
i knew one who had an issue with every vixen he met.

it’d be all good and then a month later,
like clockwork,
there would be “a problem”.
a very small one that could be worked out.
he’d pick a random fight and then ghost the poor vixen.
i knew another who sexually kept going through vixens like underwear.
at first,
i thought it was the “we don’t love these hoes” narrative.
i can attest that about 98% weren’t hoes.
he’d go through the whole process like he was trying to date.
his excuse:
males are “supposed” to fuck a ton of women before settling down.
“sewing their wild oats” as they often say,
but if he’s close to 50 and still doing that…
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What Can Solve My Problem (Righ Nah)

i don’t understand what is happening to the foxhole.
i’m puzzled.
jetpack for wordpress is puzzled.
there is no explanation to what is happening.
i don’t know if entries are showing up,
or not showing up.
the mobile foxhole looks different than the desktop.
i’m absolutely bewildered.
well i guess there is only one thing that might solve this issue…
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It’s Hard To Be Bisexual In These Forests

not for a vixen.
they can lick as many kitties and still be accepted.
a male however?
god forbid you say you like coochie and take pipe.
you are pretty much blacklisted from dating.
maybe it’s different if he is the fucker?
not the fuckee?
well it’s bad when amber rose won’t even touch you.
she admits she is bisexual,
but has a slight problem with bisexual males.
this is what she said on her show “loveline” on facebook live.
facebook live…
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Colin Kaepernick Bodied GQ. RG3 Who?

foxapprovedrg3 who?
colin kaepernick shares the cover with him on gq in september.
i guess they knew they needed another baller wolf guaranteed to sell covers.
colin is that baller wolf.
again i ask:
rg3 who????

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