the issue isn’t with you, miss lady (the issue is he’s gay and doesn’t want vagina)

he might just be gay.
i knew one who had an issue with every vixen he met.

it’d be all good and then a month later,
like clockwork,
there would be “a problem”.
a very small one that could be worked out.
he’d pick a random fight and then ghost the poor vixen.
i knew another who sexually kept going through vixens like underwear.
at first,
i thought it was the “we don’t love these hoes” narrative.
i can attest that about 98% weren’t hoes.
he’d go through the whole process like he was trying to date.
his excuse:
males are “supposed” to fuck a ton of women before settling down.
“sewing their wild oats” as they often say,
but if he’s close to 50 and still doing that…

That might be an inner issue he needs to accept

^that meme that charlamagne posted has been stewing with me since i saw it.
it was so deep to me,
that it knocked me off my feet when i first read it.
i’ve met a ton of those males in my journey in this life.
they came in all shapes,
and closets.
the one thing i’d see they all had in common:

Some poor vixen(s) was their punching bag

he just wasn’t into her,
or any woman,
like that.
it was like night and day the way they treated males to females.
it’d be like like a natural thing that kicks in when he meets “the one”.
that one male that they become head over heels about.
there’s always one in their wolf pack they’d treat like “wag” (wife & girlfriend).
they’d argue like a married couple,
buy each other expensive gifts,
take vacations together,
fuck hoes in the same room together,
and be respectful of each other.
the vixens that stand behind them tho?

something to post for social media likes and appearances.
not gonna lie,
i’d (and still) take on that role sometimes.
i judged the ones who were disgustingly homophobic tho.
it was interesting how behind all that in public,
they’d be emotionally wrapped around my finger in private.
they treated me like shit at times,
as the confused dls often do that with everyone,
but they never fully discarded me like they did with the vixen(s).
most can’t contact me since i changed my number,
but others still text and stalk my socials.
i’m sure you know what i’m fontin’ about.
those males never fully leave us.
they live as ghosts in our background,
often living in the shadows as they do in their own lives.

i’m glad that even in my most dl of phases,
i never jumped from pussy to pussy.
the way how my “leave me tf alone” was set up,
i didn’t have time to be hurting vixens in my path of destruction.
it did cross my mind to get with a vixen to show i was “straight”,
but i decided to stand in the line of judgment from those around me.
no one could ever say i led someone on because i was gay.

that’s all the process tho.
some go through it,
find their truths and themselves,
and turn their noses towards a new scent.
one where they live their best sexual lives,
but i disgress.
others stay trapped in a closet,
dating vixens while attaching to other males they’re attracted to,
all because they don’t know how to handle it.
for all of them it took one male to break that spell.

they’ll know when they meet him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the issue isn’t with you, miss lady (the issue is he’s gay and doesn’t want vagina)”

  1. I feel like alot of straight men don’t actually like women, I don’t mean that in a sexual attraction way either. The ones with that toxic masculinity just see women as things to fuck, they don’t care about misogyny and things of that nature. I get the context of the meme but sometimes a man hurts every woman who enters his life because he’s ass and been raised and told throughout life by parents, coaches, society that he can get away with shit because he is a man.

    IDK I’m probably just overthinking it but something about that meme coming from Charlamagne ( somone who admitted to doing some fishy shit to his wife when they were dating) just kind of feels like some sort of DL men hunt warning or something.

  2. I agree with the top poster. A lot of straight men these days are a**holes plain and simple. They grow a beard and expect to be served because they were born a man and act like an ALPHA MALE. They call themselves Kings but can’t rule the royal court. They are peasants or as we call them today, F**k boys.

    They consider feminity weak which bleeds over into their views of feminine men since they consider homosexuality as a whole, the stereotypical feminine man, who they also ridicule as weak. So now we see how they really view the feminity and women. Nice.

    They use basic biblical principals to assert the fact that heterosexual women are supposed to serve men to support their perverted desires, and yet, don’t serve the God, the book was said to be inspired by who doesn’t like their perversions. Sex outside of marriage, gang bangs, semen swallowing, rimming. All these things that straight men are shouting for are technically perversions by their beloved book of basic rules that says women are supposed to serve men.

    Under these rules most of these self proclaimed Kings break because the golden crown you saw them wearing was actually plastic.

    Why do some gay men like these types of peasants again? Just eww.

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