young buck is on the begging tour about his alleged “outing” videos

let this be a lesson to everyone out there:


…and you can take that in more ways than one.
so remember the scandal with young buck and the trans she-jackal,

the one where she allegedly outed him with sex vids & conversations on her ig?
( x check the archives )
weeks later,
he’s still begging her to take the posts down.
in a “fuck you” move on her part,
she posted his begging on youtube.
this is the first part…

allegedly fonting,
you can tell he had some kind of feelings for her.
the way he’s raising his voice,
and how they are going back and forth,
tells me what time it was.
the status she wrote doesn’t make any sense to me.
she’s “sacrificing herself” for the gay community?
no one told you mess with him.
you knew what you were getting into.
cut the water works.
this is part 2:

2gs tho?

…and then she gonna font “leave us alone”.
isn’t she putting the information out there?
this is the latest:

why is buck doing all this talking on the phone tho?
didn’t he learn the last time?
he needs to stop smoking weed.
i don’t think buck is gay tho.
if that was a male,
i could understand.
as the foxhole has discussed:

Most males who mess with trans vixens tend to be straight

…but the problem is how he’s begging for her to take it down.
that part is he looks guilty af with whatever he is dealing with.

no one really cared and the story blew over.
he opened up a whole can of worms calling her again.
my issue with her is what is the end game here?
this isn’t gonna get him to show love or fuck again.
she better be glad he is being so nice.
he could’ve had her whole forest fucked up.
she needs tolet it go and so does he.
this all looks pathetic on both sides.

lowkey: she even made a song…


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Author: jamari fox

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26 thoughts on “young buck is on the begging tour about his alleged “outing” videos

  1. Ok foxhole before I continue my comment I wanna make sure I make it clear I’m not being slick or reading but I don’t understand the transgender mindset they say that they are “women” and want the whole world to respect them as such so what’s reason for outing these men who find them attractive? Do they really believe their narrative? I don’t know it’s sad either way.

    1. ^i think some of them tend to fall in love with the masculine straight archetype many gays do.
      they often learn fast most wolves ain’t shit and start outing.
      i think if you agreed to do something in privacy,
      it should stay there.
      why does she have cameras set up if she thought this was special?
      she is sketchy and trying to play “victim”.
      buck might have led her on,
      but she didn’t do a good job proving her innocence.

      1. Gotcha understood but to me it seems like some of them use the trans woman narrative when it’s convenient for them but then out and shame straight men because they have a penis so which one is it going to be are you really a woman or a gay man scorned taking one for the team like a brass ring.

    2. Lemme flip this for y’all. What’s the reason for gay men outing these dl, supposedly straight ballers they’re obsessed with?

      I’m guessing it has to do with being embarrassed that a person is ashamed to be with them, trying to get their shine on, or they’re delusional and hope that outing the person will make it acceptable for them to be in a relationship.

  2. she’s dragging it. the moment you start outing, respect is cancelled for you. her “sacrifice”? bish what? you slept with him not us. you a big girl, you knew what time it was.

  3. I still think this is dangerous. Also, if I were her, I wouldn’t “sacrifice” myself for a community that wouldn’t do the same. No one is asking her to be LGBT Jesus. My observation from this in all fairness:

    1.)This is very ‘unlady” like. Never bring your business to the internet for others to see, when you do, you invite ruin and it makes you appear unrefined.

    2.) This is toxic behavior. What she is doing is using a toxic form of power (ego) to belittle his masculinity. If she truly upheld her title as a woman, there would be no need to “expose” him as a “tranny chaser”. She would discuss this with him & if things didn’t work out as planned, she’d move on. I’d rather suffer displaced feelings than suffer a random bullet to the brain.

    3.) I call into question her “love” (or anyone elses for that matter) that does this. If you really love someone, you wouldn’t conspire to defame them publicly. It’s really selfishness under the guise of love AND attention seeking. You WANT people to feel what you feel. YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are platforms that have millions upon millions of users. Whenever I see someone post something on them, I know they are feenin for attention.

    For the guy, upon closer observation, I was also like others thinking he should be quiet but given his position, when you think about it, it must be hell for him to try and live a “normal” life with this swirling around. The main is in pain & despite how much the LGBT thinks the majority of the straight world is getting better about gays, it’s not (unless you are benefitting them some way, then they tolerate you.) If this was the case, he wouldn’t be in shambles right now. We should know that once something hits the net…IT STAYS WITH YOU FOREVER. Even when you dead and gone.

    1. Could not agree more! People do SILLY BS stuff like this and make it bad for others.

      This person is looking for attention, and like the other poster mentioned, they’re probably mad that the dude wanted to keep everything behind closed doors.

      She/he knew what the deal was when the dude started fooling with her, and if she didn’t…that’s on her. People will tell you what you want to hear in order to get some ass. This one probably went in thinking that dude could be changed…and when it didn’t happen, it was time to get some “fame” by trying to out him. She/he knows what was done is wrong. If she gets a beat-down or worse (god forbid) behind it, she/he was the cause.

  4. This is a dangerous situation. Nothing is ever gained from outing a black man when he is trying to handle his sexual pleasures in secret. It has never ended well for anyone. Society has not grown enough to afford the black man the freedom to express himself sexually with both sexes lest alone with the same sex. May the Universe be with this young lady and her decision to out Young Buck. My guess is that she is treading in deep waters without a life vest!!!

  5. I feel there is a lot more here than meets the eye. They are just to comfortable with each other, like two people that have spent a lot of time together in Bed. I hear more fear in his voice than anger. So I am looking at it in a different way. If she only served lips like in the video then he is in good company…Eddie, Teddy, LL, Mr. C that would soon blow over! But what is she have more? Him serving lips or better yet cakes? What Then? She is clearly not afraid of him..

  6. Mannnn, she better stop before she magically disappear which wouldnt really benefit anyone because the cops would already know that Buck had something to do with it, either directly or indirectly. And we would have a woman murdered and a man locked up…2 lives lost to this foolishness.

    I mean, she knows the “sacrifice” that she is making for the LGBTQ community is her life…right? Thats a huge price to pay if you ask me, especially if nothing is going to change because of it. Str8 men are still going to sleep around with gay guys/tranny’s on the low and not ever claim them in public, and the gay guys and tranny’s will forever be hurt over it and lash out…nothing will change. This wont make Buck claim you or respect you, and obviously he thought of you more as a secret friend with benefits vs someone he could be with…smh.

    I cant help but partially blame shows like Noahs Arc for this (and I LOVE that show btw, lol). The way Noah “converted” masculine bi-sexual Wade to the gay side and actually was able to have a loving, building relationship with him…I think that made others in our community feel they can do the same, and unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Society hasnt evolved enough for that type of love to happen. Just like you cant make a hoe a housewife…you cant make someone on the dl a boyfriend…it never works. And she’s finding that out the hard way.

  7. While I agree to an extent, I think as adults, we should know reality from a dramatized show like Noah’s Arc because it’s an extension of shows like Sex and the City and some scenes are super overdramatic.

    However, I believe you can make a DL bi sexual man your BF, if the relationship is based off of love and not lust, overtime. The selling point of Noah’s Arc is that it goes against the common trope that a masculine man would never desire a feminine one. Which if you really think about it, a dude like Wade would go after someone like Noah in reality. This is further touched upon in the first episode as well.

    The type of dudes like Wade are still attracted to feminity and Noah possesses both qualities. A man that has the aura of a woman is alluring to them but Wade was bisexual, not gay. He was a bisexual man that fell in love with a gay one, but Noah’s aura threw him for a loop at first. It’s uncomfortable for a straight man like Wade to feel affection for another man that has the allure of a woman. It’s scary and confusing and clashes with his internal homophobia.

    DL gays usually go after other DL gays which are mostly masculine.

    DL bisexual men like the feminine men.Its like having a carton of ice cream with two flavors.

    I think The REAL blame is GAY4PAY pornography and the concepts that are upheld in the LGBT community. A lot of folks don’t like to admit that pornography subconsciously influences folks (unprotected sex for one) and I can say that everytime two men do show affection (especially Black men) he is suspect. This is from the persecution proposed by American Christianity, which bleeds out of self righteous heterosexuals onto their children who may or may not be gay and as a result, they hide and/or shame others.

    Gay folks want to be like straight folks so bad. This is evident by things like gay marriage. Why would you want to uphold a tradition made for straight people from a book that claims it detests your homosexual behavior, yet both of the straight folks have probably already had sex outside of marriage and even kids to begin with??? Yeah, um okay…lets all be like them

    This adversity…

    This won’t be changing anytime soon, just like racism won’t because you need adversity to build character. A LOT of people are still sleep spiritually. To caught up in the world and are sleepwalking.

    1. I like what you say Jammy, but I don’t think ALL DL bisexual men like feminine men.
      I know I’ll probably get it for saying this, but for me personally, I steer clear from the feminine types.
      I’ll leave it at that.

      1. The bigger the muscles the higher they scream when they bust. The masculine ones are skinny and not worried about labeling themself.

  8. Everything would be easy in these situations if every party was honest with themselves. How can two people who can’t accept themselves and live in a constant state of denial ever have a lasting relationship? The trans is a man who wants to be a woman. They live their lives trying to be something they can’t and weren’t meant to be and studies show that sexual reassignment surgery does not make them any happier. They don’t tell you about the population that regrets transitioning and wish to de transition. The trans need validation of self from the outside world. We all know that doesn’t work well for anyone. The validation they seek is mostly sought after in the men they date. They believe if a “straight” man wants them they must be a women. The truth is that in a weird way these men end up making them feel more like a man than anyone as these men keep them hidden and want a style of sex from them that can only be provided by a male.

    The so called “straight” guy that likes trans knows he isn’t straight. You need to know that most trans attracted men are into pre op as opposed to post op. They want the dick without feeling they actually were with a man even thought they know that’s what it is. They live their lives in denial as well.

    Idk how anybody can see these men as straight or maybe straight has a new meaning these days.

  9. Buck is gay..he used to date a “MALE” stylist that wasnt a trans. “STAR” interviewed the guy on his youtube channel.. and some dudes like trans and regular males. Its much deeper than what u think.. i wouldnt consider them straight at all. Maybe they need a new term but looking a male dressed as a woman isn’t “STRAIGHT”..

  10. They’re not straight bro. They may not be “gay” u letting them off too easy with that.. and buck like reugular dudes too.. “star” interviewd one on his youtube channel

  11. The best response to anyone trying to expose you is ignoring it. They expect you to get mad, make posts about them, give them attention..unless somebody is accusing you of being a pedophile or saying you stole something, it’s not worth replying to.

    If you want to reply, email your lawyer and keep documentation of everyone you deal with and reply in court. Might as well get a payday out of it.

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