dot your “i” and cross your “t” (marvin bienaime)

i think you need to fix what you promised.
so as you know,
marvin bienaime released the pre-order for his nude calendar.
everyone came out in droves with their debit and credit cards.
he promised to release a code at 9pm to access a fully nude model.

^this was the model in question.
so folks waited,
and waited,
and waited,
annnndddddd allegedly….


this is what he put up to assure folks the issue was being handled:

…and allegedly still nothing.
one of my foxholers claims it allegedly hasn’t been fixed yet.
not good marvin.
not good at all.
when making big roll outs like this,
it’s best to triple check if your “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed.
now folks gotta wonder if the calendar roll out will be smooth?
will they even get it?

i think folks will burn his shit down if the nakedness ain’t delivered.

lowkey: the calendar is now 49.99 bucks everyone.
you missed the 1-day black friday sale of 24.99.

18 thoughts on “dot your “i” and cross your “t” (marvin bienaime)

  1. Let me guess this right, people r paying 24.99 for 12 pictures of naked men and a 36 sec BTS video…Wtf …are people that horny from sum dick these days. With sites like Pornhub and Xvideos- why pay for porn when u can get it for free.

  2. This is my problem with our community: we support folks who want nothing to do with us but take our money.

    Anyone who paid $50 for a Vistaprint head ass calendar full of the same hybrids in the same poses from FREE tumblr and FREE Instagram deserves to get gooped!

    Shame on Marvin and shame on the fools who paid him. Wake up!

  3. I ordered because I enjoy his content. finally got the behind the scenes in my junk email. excited to see more content.

  4. This first rollout sets the stage for his brand and his expansion. Where is his IT person and Marketing person. At this stage, he himself should be deferring these detail tasks to someone other than himself as he should have the overall vision and a team to help him implement the campaign. A bad impression is a lasting impression. If he has staff he should be holding them accountable; however, if he doesn’t sound business is recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses. Hopefully, he can move past this because rundu has it down to a science relative to rollout, campaign and fulfillment both online and mailing. Competition for the dollar is fierce out here in the forests. lol

    1. fyi..the average calendar printing costs range between $1k and $4k depending on the content, style, editing, number printed, paper used (gloss or matte) and size (8×10, 10×14, etc). Some companies have packages but most charge a premium for creating erotic content as it is considered a niche.

  5. Brother boy is raising money to produce his calendar via pre-sales, There ain’t no calendar yet, kids. In the meantime, Ms Rundu finally decided to release another calendar. You might want to visit her site. My people.

    1. Haha, this^ is what I said…I would not ever give this dude access to the plastic. I didn’t realize one of the selling points was the nude aspect. Yeah, naw, I’m not a calendar type dude, but if I were I’d def give “Ms. Rundu” a try, lol.

  6. Fucking fraud he is. If it we’re left to me none of his so called erotic calendars would sell. Fuck him

  7. That clip was 36 seconds my thirsty ass couldn’t play DW9 in peace without checking my email lol. Once I got the video I was kinda disappointed I thought I was getting the code to see him and other BTS nude shoots really wanted to ser marshun cooper and charlie lynch.

      1. I was “eh” on it as well don’t get wrong now pipe was nice. I seen some comments on his ig’s of others getting it in their spam. Some had to email him. I still want the access code to see all the BTS nude shoots lol.

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