dot your “i” and cross your “t” (marvin bienaime)

i think you need to fix what you promised.
so as you know,
marvin bienaime released the pre-order for his nude calendar.
everyone came out in droves with their debit and credit cards.
he promised to release a code at 9pm to access a fully nude model.

^this was the model in question.
so folks waited,
and waited,
and waited,
annnndddddd allegedly….
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Something In The Lesbians Ain’t Clean

i had a feeling there was more to this story.
things didnt’ add up when i read “i’m back at the same house again“…

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Don’t Start The Fire If You Can’t Take Your Hose And…

…. grrrrr!!!!

Everyone has a different experience in this lifestyle.

Some of us can walk out the door and start sucking a dick by the time you turn a corner.
Others meet Wolves once we get them comfortable.
A majority however are not meeting anyone.
It is what it is, ya know?
I believe it is all in your season.
At that time, you are you most confident and your sex appeal is highest.

Sometimes, a nigga is just having an OFF moment.

But, what happens when you meet a Wolf you think gets down and he is slowly going about the connection?
You know that wack “I’m really undressing you with my eyes” bullshit.
How do you successfully get him out his fur?
And, would he ever come out?
I had to wonder…

How do you rescue the Wolf who is trapped in his own closet,
but trying to get into yours?

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