dwight howard was “wild n out” and allegedly got outed in the process?

i’m starting to believe,
or i already did,
that more males are “bisexual” than we care to admit.
it’s not even “100% gay”.
it’s “lowkey: both”.
that’s perfectly fine and i’m not one to judge.
so after awakening from a long ass night of ps4,
the foxhole hit me from all angles.
the talk was the alleged outing of nba baller wolf,
dwight howard,
and his alleged ex,

mason elije.
it started with the following tweet

…and the foxhole joined black twitter to be locked in from there.
i was gonna post every screen shot but it was A LOT.
go to masin’s twitter and we’ll discuss when you’ve indulged:






























so if all that alleged is true,
honestly fonting:

I think they’re both at fault


i don’t understand how someone can have an “understanding”,
but turn around and out the person.
that’s really confusing to me.
it looked extra shady because before this all went down,
masin had screen shots and texts to prove it all.
this was the worst of it all:

anytime someone asks you random questions like that,
you should be wary.
so clearly,
there was no “understanding” there to begin with.
and was this really a relationship?
they eyed each other at “wild ‘n’ out” and nudes were sent after?
that sounds more like they wanted to fuck each other to me.
of course,
after pulling a few nuts out a male,
he’ll let his guard down.
that doesn’t mean he is “yours” tho.


first question:

Why didn’t Masin sign the NDA first?


What was the end game?

if the alleged is true,
the way how dwight went about it was really messy.
ODDDDDD messy.
he can’t do what he did and not expect someone to react.
dl males,
who are scared to get exposed,
actually end up exposing themselves.
they end up fuckin’ with low hanging fruit,
but they’re doing equally shady shit on the back end (literally).
don’t even get me started on the alleged pastor getting involved.
why is he even dying on this hill?
threatening lives in the name of Jesus?
what did dwight really expect here?
someone to be okay with alla this?
nah homie.

 i’m leaning more towards masin’s side tho.
when you start threatening lives over your stupidity,
that’s when shit is about to get really real.
this situation is the main reason why i ask any wolf:

“What are you looking for from me?”

…straight up.
i like being on the same page so there is no hurt feelings.
you go to sex parties?
okay boo,
have fun.
don’t bring me back anything incurable and we good.
talking to another fox?
go right ahead.
you aren’t the one for me and we good too.
dudes will sit here and finesse your feelings,
but turn around and call you crazy when you black TF out
if only being upfront and honest could get into fashion.
i hope these two can work out all this drama.
probably not tho.

low-key: maybe we missed the alleged signs?

…and he ( x randomly injured his tail ) a few weeks ago.
i legit thought something was up when i saw that headline.

the lowest of “eek”.

34 thoughts on “dwight howard was “wild n out” and allegedly got outed in the process?

  1. So I scrolled through this post finally. I skipped over it initially cause it looked like drama and with 33 comments my curiosity got the better of me. Good lord…This all is so juvenile but I did laugh at the line about being a 6’11 bottom.

  2. I’m torn. I have always been a fan of Dwight Howard just because he comes across as if he doesn’t take himself too seriously….not to mention I wouldn’t mind climbing that tree. Part of me would LOVE it if he was into dudes, but if that part is true them the part about the ratchet unprotected sex with randoms becomes highly likely as well.

    If the alleged harassment and threats are also true, I have to admit that I don’t blame the “outer”, as she has been called. Murder for hire is not only in the movies, and it ain’t that expensive when your bank account has seven digits, minimum. Are we really going to act like trans women don’t get murdered without any real investigation?

    As to the comment about these athletes choosing the “mediocre”, it is part of their arrogance. The same way attractive to semi-attractive straight men will date an average chick. They think that giving them the attention that they wouldn’t normally get guarantees that they will put up with all kinds of dumb shyt just to be with them.

    The saved phone calls don’t seem to have started until she got wind of him fucking around with no protection. The saved DM’s could be the result of simply…..not deleting them or archiving them. How many women do we know that keep everything as momentos?

    Just my two cents…

  3. Until hard evidence, like pics being leaked, are shown…FAKE!!!

    People these days will do anything for a few minutes of notoriety and the masses will believe salacious gossip simply for the hell of it.

    And to answer the questions as to why these messy gay men and transgendered women can’t shut up and take the ‘hush money’, because they’re short-sighted, publicity hungry, trash!

    I also found it interesting that social media focused more on DW’s alleged gay/trans rumors than the alleged death threats that were made. Those are career-ruining allegations…

    I hope DW sues for defamation ’cause sh*t like this pisses me off.

  4. From what I have heard, this person has a has a history of lying, so there is no way I believe this at all. As far as I know, Dwight has been quiet. as he should if is not true. What is really bothersome is the level of comfort people have with outing other people. I just don’t think people try to be decent human beings anymore, and everything is either for attention or simply for their own gain.

  5. If this is true, Dwight is an idiot. There are exclusive networks for pro athletes to hook up with men or trannies. If I know about them, I’m pretty sure he can get the info.

  6. I’m not reading all this. Can someone tell me how we are supposed to know for sure this is Dwight Howard? I mean the voice isn’t clear so I can’t tell from that and DMs can be doctored.

    Where is the confirmation? I mean I don’t care anyway because most of y’all are a little too thrilled to jump to the defense of someone releasing a book called “Industry Hoe” and if Dwight was messing with someone like that he deserves whatever he gets 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. You know what? I’m not feeling the comments in this thread. Pineapples are sounding bitter, stupid, and jealous. Like y’all really showing your ass tonight.

    He’s not a tranny, and has never claimed to be a girl. There’s not a damn thing ugly about Masin. Please tell me what’s ugly on him. Clearly Dwight and whoever else loves them some melanin. And to be perfectly honest, Dwight ain’t the most ‘conventially handsome’ person for yall to be coming at Masin like this.

    I don’t think Masin had the right motives going into the situation though. And I don’t approve of outing someone just for clout/cash. But if he was truly harrassed and threatened I don’t blame him.

    1. His behavior is ugly. Dwight has a goofy demeanor. His smile is a disarming, charming one. I just think Masin looks stank and a like a whole bunch of problems. He radiates drama just from that one picture. Cold and calculating.

    2. @Dee

      I was one of the commentators who criticized Masin’s appearance, and (admittedly) it’s not one of my proudest moments. But as Carlton Banks said:

      “it’s his behavior that’s ugly.”

      If this same dude didn’t have the wigs, drama and theatrics going on I would’ve probably found him handsome. But that’s just me. From my snooping I understand this Masin guy is a writer and owns an online weave business so good for him, but I don’t want to fvck him.. and I’m entitled to feel that way.

  8. why is it so hard to take the hush money and shut up? lol.

    🗣️ get the money and play yo role! can’t do that? be grown and leave the situation, simple.

    1. THAT is what I don’t understand either! You’re being taken care of…sit back and enjoy the comforts!

  9. I’ve always found Dwight and guys like him to be sexy. All tall and country and muscular and goofy. Big everywhere too! Love it! Throw those long legs up in the air and let me get deep up in that basketball booty.

    As for his “outer”, tea is he smashed his former (female) bff’s father and posted the sex tape online for $$. Masin is and always will be a scammer.

    1. @DJ

      OMG!! LMAO now that is some tea. Ms. Masin has some baggage it appears. Which goes back to my original question as to WHY/How do these high profile individual get involved with such gutter trash

      – oh, and yeah, Dwight is phine as hell. I would love to smash dem NBA cakes 😗

  10. Oh my…. where do you even begin with this mess? I just finished reading the tweets and listening to several recorded phone calls/chats between Masin and (allegedly) Dwight Howard and OMG 😯…. if that was Dwight’s voice these allegations will have lasting repercussions….

    Okay, now it’s time to keep it real…. if this is true, my question is WHY would Dwight choose to get involved with a shady ass fugly guy like this? I ask the same of former NFLer Kerry Rhodes when he got involved with that short queen who looked like Fantasia. It ruined his NFL career and he never signed with another team since those photos hit the gossip sites….

    My point is, there are literally countless DL phine ass dudes out here who will keep your business on the low. Just look at these fitness whores on Instagram. WHY do these rich athletes and entertainers choose to get in the mud with these low rent ass undesirables? Damn breh..

      1. That’s like asking why an attractive man with an attractive woman cheats on her with someone who is lacking, facially. It’s just sex to him. He’s not looking to upgrade. He wants minimal low-effort sex. When someone has it together and is appealing, you have to play your cards right to get them.

        Whereas with the lowest common denominator, your influence, status, just giving them attention makes them feel special. People have to stop taking it personally. They want on-the-call sex for whenever they need it. If a guy only hits you up for sex, he doesn’t have to do much for you to jump for him.

        It’s not difficult getting these guy’s attention, either. You don’t even have to DM. Just go back to their old posts and have a conversation there, but you didn’t hear that from me. They aren’t thinking about the consequences. They’re wearing nutt-covered glasses.

        1. @Carlton Banks

          Agreed, but even if you’re looking for a “low effort” cum bucket, why settle for shady queens who have nothing to fear or lose? Both Dwight Howard and Kerry Rhodes are phine men who don’t have to settle yet both chose guys that wouldn’t even get a second look from most people. I hate to be that asshole who is critical of someone’s looks but I know I’m not the only one who’s thinking it.

          And looks aside, these gutter dudes seem to have nothing going on in their lives. They have zero professional or social capital anybody of substance would want to tap into.. in other words, they’re losers. I don’t understand.

        2. ^ “That’s like asking why an attractive man with an attractive woman cheats on her with someone who is lacking, facially. It’s just sex to him. He’s not looking to upgrade. He wants minimal low-effort sex. When someone has it together and is appealing, you have to play your cards right to get them.”

          ^this part.
          you dropped a LEGIT nugget in your comment too.

          1. Speaking of nuggets, Popeye’s was selling gold chicken a few weeks ago. I would never. The nasty employees probably spray painted it with dollar store paint and served it to the customers. If something is so freely given, you have to question it. Why would Popeye’s waste gold on us peasants? I eat food at my own house 90% of the time. They’re not Black-owned and are selling us high blood cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Shame on Tiffany Actinglikesheaintneverhadish for repping Lawry’s. Cajun seasoning is better anyway.

    1. Shit after Tasia little brother outed Kerry Rhodes, it destroyed his career and cause his ass to disappear.

  11. @Jamari ….I believe that human sexuality is fluid. There is a LOT of bisexual men. Hell people in general. You know as a race, black people will never allow black men to be “sexually fluid” and that’s why down low men (aka bi-sexuals) runs rampant. I will say, as Ive said it a million times before. I hate when these trannies out men. Bc if you consider yourself a woman, then why are you trying to check him like that. This is the type of shit that adds to the death rates in trans people.

      1. @Jamari

        Masin Elije just did a Instagram Live explaining why he came forward with their “alleged” relationship and @6:30 in the video he states that he is NOT a transgender. He says he is a GAY MAN.


        He says he was “mis gendered” by the blogs and social media. He’s a man.

  12. This is all allegedly of course, seeing how this dude is a known scammer and tried to out/scam some local rapper as well. If this is true, why he recording conversations even before the drama started?

    Also, let me be the one to ask this, why is it always a damn tranny always trying to out someone? Yeah, I said it!!!

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