masin elije continues to allegedly out dwight howard with spoken word

so masin elije has more to say.
this time,
it was in audio form instead of a tweet dissertation.
he took to his ig live to address the entire alleged situation with dwight howard.
he spoke about why he recorded dwight and his real sexuality.
a foxholer sent me the video on what he had to say…

this is a lot.
and allegedly,
i think dwight fucked up mostly tho.
he shouldn’t have gotten his alleged pastor involved.
his past tweets shows exactly how masin would react when upset too.
add that to his alleged scammer ways and well…
as far as an nda is concerned,
you aren’t dealing with regula degulas in these forests.
that is the risk you take in these situations.
if you don’t want all the extra,
don’t mess with someone in the public eye.
masin was excited to climb that chocolate tree
…but that tree had a lot going on.
i woulda left it alone if i felt the energy was off.
i had to wonder tho

if Dwight broke this off respectfully,

would there still have been an issue?

a side of me thinks this would’ve still went left regardless.

lowkey: i can’t call it,
but masin seems messy and “off”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “masin elije continues to allegedly out dwight howard with spoken word”

  1. Did you see the part about him being a scammer too?? How he scammed people out of money told them he would send them a camera he sent people cinderblocks in camera bags then had his friends threaten one girl all because she wanted her money back from being scamme…this whole situation is crazy

  2. another kerry rhodes saga in pictures will be hitting the net shortly bc if he recorded him…he definitely has pics to back up his story unless he sells them to Dwight himself smdh

  3. LMAO too much to process…

    But it’s the weekend and I’m laying on the sofa with some sweet potato pie watching this drama play out. Thus far, Dwight Howard’s camp hasn’t said a word about this brewing scandal, but Dwight has disabled all comments on his Instagram page. Meanwhile, Royce Reed (Dwight’s baby mama from Basketball Wives….membah her?) created a Instagram post for people to comment on regarding the scandalous gossip. She wanted to keep her other posts clean from the gutter gossip.

  4. This is absolutely fascinating to me. Masin must have a weapon of azz destruction to have Dwight out with so many glutues injuries. I wonder what his top voice sounds like. This brings to mind the crimped dreads queen who got shot for outing Down Low men and still outs them to this day. I get that effeminate men can put it down in the bedroom, but I don’t understand letting someone who sounds like Michael Jackson climb your back. I get that you’re bent over and can imagine, but voice plays some role. Not everything is for me to understand though. I wonder if he flipped his hair and smacked Dwight’s cakes with a “You did that, Sis!” after busting in him?

    1. ^ i will never forget the video of brklyn kidd literally fuckin the shit out of that ex porn star,
      he was fucking him so hard and fast,
      he had daddy’s toes curled.

      i’m imagining that scene for this situation.

        1. Don’t judge me. My playlist grows exponentially from amateur adult film soundtracks.

          “Daddy” had his legs spread like McDonald’s golden arches. Mr. Kidd has those prison ribbed side-abs. That’s a lethal stroke. His core is insane. Sweated his hair out out. Whoa. He busted then went back in? Mr. Kidd has some nice side booty. LMBO! “Daddy” said “Give me a minute”. Mr. Kidd should have gone to urinate then come back and hit a slam dunk without warning.

          1. ^ “damn bruh”

            that’s the type of sex that equals make up or angry sex.
            i can’t even explain the passion into words.
            i’m sure daddy never forget that night.
            he saw God briefly

          1. I really don’t know. I know he never did anymore porn for any of the companies.
            I’d heard he was allegedly escorting, and there was also a rumor that he was HIV+.
            Whether true or not, I do not know. He certainly did a lot of bare-backing in his scenes.
            He turned me on though.

  5. He’s giving me that Nicki Minaj Queen Radio feel when he speaks. Your behavior diminishes your message. Him trying to explain himself the way he’s explaining it loses all credibility. He’s coming off like Omarosa with her 15 minutes of tapes.

  6. masin elije does not appear to be a gold digger. In another article he is said to be a business owner of a hair care line, has a book out and seems self supporting and moves in high circles. I just don’t understand why they keep calling him a Trans Woman when he clearly identifies himself as a gay male.
    Also looking at Dwight’s income he just might be tired of hiding and unctuously wanted to be outed,If he goes to sex parties it is bound to come out at some time. He is not the only one out there but how can he have been so stupid otherwise?

    1. Its funny because when somebody open identifies as trans, homophobes are quick to call them a man. But the moment a gay man is proud of who he is, homophobes will do the most to emasculate him and call him sis/bitch etc.

      Its weird how the pendulum swings from both ends when referring to these two situations.

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