this is for the dl and discreet ones in the foxhole,
or a friend of someone else.
it’s going to be quick


stop playing in the TRASH out here and then confused when you end up in doo-doo.
i need you to get with the whole shits.

the end.
full stop.

lowkey: never say never,
but i’m glad in my years of blogging as a discreet gay male,
i stay out the mess.
no scamming or being an all around hyena/jackal.
my type of time i’m on is different than others tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Let the church say Amen lol πŸ˜‚

    All these discreet brothas out here like Jamari and BlackPegasus yet these Ballers run to these hyenas lol πŸ˜†

    Here I am washing my ass and face every night, going to the gym, maintaining a job, and I can’t get a NFLer or NBA baller to holla. What’s up with that? LMAO

    1. Like Dee mentioned a lot of the messy hyenas are very transparent. These athletes know right away they are down with the program. People like you and Jamari are going to get dirty looks and attitude from them because they are trying to hide their lust for you and in their mind they don’t think they can have you. I use to think a lot of dudes were hating on me and didn’t like me, but in all actuality they wanted to fuck but didn’t know how to handle it.

      1. I remember I use to think my bosses husband hated me because he was alway giving me nasty looks an attitude. Once I started to pay attention I realized he wanted to fuck me and was pissed at me for making him feel that way. One day he cracked a joke about giving me a kiss and I was like yeah okay I know what’s going on here.

        1. It’s all in their response. If somebody is feeling you, they will let you know.
          I had one guy tell me he wanted to bend me over on a couch and show his appreciation. LOL

  2. They can’t get their ish together. It’s backed up from all of the long schlongs they’re taking. Why do you think they’re so aggressive, combative and grouchy? Constipation will do that to you.

      1. That’s how you Picasso and don’t get asked back. Don’t give these butch queens misinformation. You should partner with an all-natural douching company and do a sponsored post on how to properly clean back there.

  3. It happens too much to be a coincidence. So what the hell is it? Jamari, the only answer I got is that it’s easier for men to determine they’re gay and approachable.

    I still can’t figure out these ballers. I’m starting to think they’re just too entitled. They get too much money, power, and attention. They see anyone they want and usually get them. Then they have a whole camp of people out here ready to risk their life and career to take care of anything.

    In every case of a baller being exposed for something they had somebody there trying to take care of it. Even the college ballers get covered.

  4. I feel it does not matter how much you or anyone else preaches it, all of it falls on deaf ears until they find themselves in that predicament. They will never get the message, but at least it is not me dealing with it.

  5. im like bllackpegasus! dudes like Masin stay pulling these fine ass pineapples and i can’t even get a simple dinner date, the universe must be punishing me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Those DL baller and other sporty guys feel more comfortable around feminity. If you don’t have curves similar to a female or have a passive apperance they won’t be interested….and if they do like to bottom, it will be with a transwoman who reminds them of a female in one way but also have the natural equipment to give them a pounding. Something a natural born female could never to. If you are attractive, have a curvaceous body, they will love it. They don’t care about anything else. They don’t need your money, your attention or care about your accomplishments because they are already living their dream and getting paid for it. πŸ€‘

    Also, what Lyfe mentioned is 100% true to a degree. Some dudes are territorial but in my more naive days I’ve used that same technique his boss has. I make my remarks about men here and there and give out compliments still but back then if I felt some kind of vibe for a guy I would get passive aggressive towards him. I believe any man that does this is submissve and most likely either a bottom or verse bottom. This is something females usually do to get a man to assert his dominance by throwing subconscious hints at him. So instead of, “I can’t stand yo a**!”, it really means, “I want you to f**k my a**.” ….🀀

    Also, a number (some, not all) of DL bi sexual baller men can probably be very bottom leaning..because they want what a woman can’t give them. Some d**k. 😏

    Lets be real here. Men have booty, while women have the cooch and the booty. One of these naturally lubricates itself..the other needs some assistance…πŸ˜’

    So you think he coming over to rainbow to bang men exclusively? Pff..He gone be arched just like the rainbow he slid down on.😜

    So you may see this big ole fantasy wolf of your dreams thinking he fixing to beat your breaks off and he really want you to climb on his back and dig for gold.

    He’s just sneaky with it…”Um, I ain’t never bottomed before but I mean I can try this one time…” (one time being one time this current week..)😐

    Honestly, I would’nt even think of getting a DL baller wolf because they most likely won’t pay traditional “gay men” attention since they have specific types…Women, Transwomen, and each other, while a few of them will take a fem male or two every so often. 😬

    Even if you are discreet, you ain’t getting that meat…🀐

  7. I think a lot of the reason these guys mess with these MESSY people is because they just want a quick nut. It might turn into more (why do they start opening up to these hoes???), but not the point.

    No offense, but “regular” gay discreet gays don’t usually just want a quick smash.

    As other have said, only play with guys that have as much to loose as you do.

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