i’m dragging tf outta doordash today

let’s font about “doordash”.
i’ve finished fuming enough to get into their folly.
so i’ve been legit fiending for chinese food.
it was so bad,
i had a dream i was eating white rice,
chicken wings,
and crab rangoons.
a random combination for me.
my usual: #3 off the lunch special/chicken and broccoli w white rice.
for whatever reason,
i’ve wanted something else.
on thanksgiving,
i tried to order but they wasn’t answering.
it was brick outside and i wasn’t leaving my crib PERIOD.
i decided i’d order the next day.
my home vixen randomly mentioned “doordash” in a recent conversation.
i saw my chinese food spot did “door dash” too.
so i signed up and ordered yesterday…

they sent a notification when they was coming.
i legit saw visions of my tearing that food up.
i get a call from “doordash”:

the chinese restaurant had a problem with their payment machine…”

how tf is that even possible?
the money came out my account.
so i blacked-lite on em.
they said they’d refund me in  “door dash” credit with an extra 10 dollars.


i put a tv dinner in the oven and ate that.

today now,
i say ima order chinese AGAIN at like 12:30-ish.
this way,
i can eat it while indulging within the foxhole.
i sent the order to a whole new chinese spot i know of,
but it was a little farther down a few blocks.
never ate there before,
but the reviews were aight.
i put the order in and boom.
everything goes through.
they say they gonna be AT MY DOOR at 1:30pm.
i put my clothes on and i’m waiting.
at 1:35pm:

“thank you for ordering at door dash.
please tell us how you like the order by rating blah blah blah…”

i don’t have any food to rate shit unless it’s invisible.
i go to the app and it’s telling me it’s been delivered.
so i call them back and I FLIPPED TFFFFFFFFFFFF OUT.
i’m real respectful,
but the moment you give me bad service is the moment i fuck your shit up.
WTF did anyone not call me and tell me the latest developments?
why did i have to call someone to get told they wasn’t coming?
and why is the app a whole liar?
the operator couldn’t handle my rage in full today.

1 – i was hungry af
2 – this is second time i try this shit and they play me?

not today satan.
i ended up getting a full refund,
another credit of my refund added to their “dash credit”,
and a ton of “we’re so sorry sir”.
their sorry don’t put food in my stomach tho.
so “doordash” is cancelled on my end.
i shoulda stuck with “uber eats” or “postmates” instead.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “i’m dragging tf outta doordash today”

  1. Strange. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Only it was with Ubereats not DoorDash. The times that DD had to cancel my order, they contacted(texted) me and refunded my money in full not with a credit. I get that frustration.

  2. “they said they’d refund me in “door dash” credit”

    Yeah right. I would call my bank/credit card company 30 seconds after business hours tomorrow morning and demand a full refund. DoorDash Credit? Are they dense? You get one chance to play with a Black man’s food and you are worse than canceled.

    1. 30 seconds after business hours begin tomorrow morning****

      Excuse the error. I’m on a cleanse and my pecs and cakes are deflating and I am hangry.

    2. ^food AND my money?
      that’s ground for automatic banishment.
      ima call my bank in the morning to make sure.
      they was trying to give me some damn doordash credit.
      fuck that.

  3. This happened to me multiple times with Door Dash.
    1. They can’t make you accept the store credit. The credit back to your payment method may take 3 business days, but it’s worth it.
    2. Be calm with them. They can only do what they have permission to do over the phone.
    3. Tell them that they have the worst service, you need a full refund and credit applied back to your payment method, you need all DD credits changed to credits back to your payment method, and let them know you are deleting the app and not using their service ever again.

  4. Yeah I don’t mess with doordash cause they keep telling me that places that are 24hrs are closed. Like I legit called them right after closing the app and they’re full on open. I only use postmates, they wait til your order is accepted before they charge, text you if it gets cancelled or when your driver is close and show you gps of where your driver is. Haven’t tried ubereats but i haven’t heard of any problems.

  5. Working in the food industry most of the time this happens it’s because of the driver. We’ve had to give drivers poor ratings to get them to stop doing certain things.
    1. They would select delivered so they could get more orders to make more deliveries. More deliveries=more money
    2. They take an order and click delivered before they even get to the store. With hot food the business has to wait till the drivers close so the customer can get hot food. So it’ll say delivered but they didn’t even give the business a chance to make your food.
    3. Last the click delivered before your order is made and it disappears off the screen meaning the business won’t be able to see your order to make it.

  6. Those 3rd party delivery apps are expensive as hell. Here in NYC they’re damn near the price of the meal, and some of the delivery drivers are out here munching on the food! If you do the math it’s cheaper to hop in your whip or get the bus/train to pick up your own to go order. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered from one of those apps and my food never made it to my door. Either the driver was on some “come outside to the car” BS or customer service reached out to say that the driver/restaurant ran into a problem and that they’d give me a full refund + a $10 credit.

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