i’m dragging tf outta doordash today

let’s font about “doordash”.
i’ve finished fuming enough to get into their folly.
so i’ve been legit fiending for chinese food.
it was so bad,
i had a dream i was eating white rice,
chicken wings,
and crab rangoons.
a random combination for me.
my usual: #3 off the lunch special/chicken and broccoli w white rice.
for whatever reason,
i’ve wanted something else.
on thanksgiving,
i tried to order but they wasn’t answering.
it was brick outside and i wasn’t leaving my crib PERIOD.
i decided i’d order the next day.
my home vixen randomly mentioned “doordash” in a recent conversation.
i saw my chinese food spot did “door dash” too.
so i signed up and ordered yesterday…

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