mariah carey vs nicki minaj: was mariah actually the issue on the set of american idol?

remember the disaster season of “american idol” that mariah and nicki minaj were on?
oooh weeee,
i felt like i was always updating some nonsense from that set.
we were all excited for nicki and mariah to team up to judge,
but it turned into a whole

it seems like the person we thought was the issue might have been innocent after all…

ayi yi yi.
nicki comes with her own set of drama as we have seen,
but i think it was simply two strong personalities butting heads.
have you ever been in a situation where someone comes into your circle,
but their personality is as strong as yours?
their energy is either welcoming or off-putting.
you either become cool af or sworn enemies.
it reminds me of these two:


mariah and nicki are not beta vixens and i’m sure weren’t bowing down for each other.
as far as mariah’s alleged behavior bts on “american idol”

it’s not right,
but i wouldn’t be shocked if it was true.
there are folks whose reputations introduce themselves before they walk in the room.

lowkey: imagine jlo actually being the innocent one in that fued with mariah too?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “mariah carey vs nicki minaj: was mariah actually the issue on the set of american idol?”

  1. I knew it was Mariah. Although she and Nicki did record a song together prior to that I always felt she was the bully. Nicki was, and still is, a Rapper. I think Mariah probably felt like she didn’t belong as a judge…but I’m not mad a Nicki because she STILL collected her coin.

  2. You can’t put two divas in the same room. Malcolm said it, Mariah probably felt Nicki is not a singer to judge a singing competition but Nicki held her own. Mariah is THE DIVA. If you thought it was Nicki, you probably are a Mariah fan.

  3. “Are you the Bish… she singing about?”
    “Don’t know whom. I didn’t know she sing, I thought she rapped or whatever…”

    I read somewhere Riah was cashed to fake beef with her for ratings.

    1. I remember that interview with Barbara Walters asking her that. Barbara is low key shady with her questions 😂

  4. Crazy me and my best friend were just talking about this cus we adore both, but knew that MiMI was the problem. In some of the clips you can even see Nicki holding her tongue for dear life (which is hard for a Sagittarius) before she finally snapped.

  5. Why is Andy Cokehead always so excited to talk about drama amongst black women??? It’s sickening how many black people line his pockets by supporting his toxic shows!

  6. The fuck is this 2013!?

    No one gives a shit! Both of them got their checks and are doing better than all of us financially. Andy is a Jew devil and a messy queen.

    Dumb hoes.

    This place has become Lipstick fucking Alley.

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