jacob sumana latest position is “sitting” at the moment

2020 was a tough year for many of us.
i think the was a year some of us learned,
or the masks we hid under got yoinked.
you never know what folks are going through.
you’d look at muscle wolf,
jacoob sumana,
and think he is living his best life:

well he revealed his 2020 has been

which translates to:

We will all experience falling. The important thing here is just to get up again and move forward ..
Earlier this month I had just 2 weeks at home with Corona quarantine ..
After 3 days of freedom I of course just had to break my foot .. Now it stands at + 2 months without the great mobility and a lot of pain ..
I keep my head cool and get the best out of this time✌️
REMEMBER that social media only just shows the glossy picture .. We all have ups and downs ..

i always try to remember that life can turn around in the snap of a finger.
we all aren’t immune to being humbled and learning a lesson.
i know he must be completely over everything,
but the Universe might have been trying to get his attention.
at least he is working around it:

at least keep those biceps big.
i hope he and that gorgeous bawdy of his have a speedy recovery.

5 thoughts on “jacob sumana latest position is “sitting” at the moment

  1. I hope he gets better. I’m obsessed with him, one of the best looking guys on my timeline.

    Anybody knows his ethnicity? I know he lives in Denmark & has an accent

    1. Ok just read somewhere that he was born in Denmark and is biracial (Danish mom & Sierra Leonian Dad)

  2. Fuck is this “look at me! look at me!” post.

    What an out-of-touch, attention-seeking, narcissist piece of shit.

    People are dead.

    People are dead broke.

    People are dying.

    He posting abs and poor form workouts.

    Dead eye having bastard.

    He’s a shitty human being.

    Fuck him and his bum foot.


  3. Whew this is one good looking dude right here, wishing him the best during his recovery, I see he is still getting his workout on so he will be fine-literally!!!!.

  4. I feel for him . It’s hard being unable and uncomfortable due to pain. I like his attitude towards his broken foot. Get well and continue to be sexy!!!

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