have you caught up with the webseries, “poz roz”, yet or…?

How would you react if you were to be diagnosed with HIV?

i know…
what a way to start an entry but it’s a legit question.
many of us like to live dangerously “until“.

sidebar: you ever notice people will be nasty and rude af,
but as soon as they catch something or get diagnosed with a permanent illness,
suddenly they want to be sweet and dandy like cotton candy?

life shouldn’t have to humble someone in order for them to be a decent human.
no one feels sorry for the asshole when they get humbled.

those were just one of the many thoughts i had while watching someone’s art.
good art should inspire you to think.
it should move some kind of inspiration.
carlton jordan,
one of my hereos in this content creating business,
created that with his web series titled “poz roz“…

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